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GHL Doser Maxi NOW shipping!

The first batch of GHL Doser Maxi has arrived and is now shipping first to pre-order customers.

Once all pre-orders have been filled, new Maxi order will be shipped. Please allow 1-2 weeks for new customer Maxi orders to ship.

KH Director shipping soon!

The first batch of KH Directors will begin shipping week 3 of January.

ProfiLux 4: Ultimate Control

ProfiLux 4 sets the standard for ultimate reliability and performance.

Mitras LX7: Ultimate lighting technology

Unmatched lighting performance and spread. Mitras LX7 is SPS ready and grows coral like no other!

GHL Doser 2.0 units now on sale!

We must make room for the new GHL Doser 2.1. Get your Doser 2.0 while supplies last!

GHL Doser 2


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