Aquatic Season Start 2019 Special Offer – all Mitras LX7 on sale for a short while only

Start of Aquatics Season 2019

No more compromises – Your tank deserves the best illumination!

Only for a short time: Special Offer LED-fixture Mitras LX7

Models with 4 clusters: Only 395€ instead of 471€

Models with 6 clusters: Only 647€ instead of 731€

(recommended retail price Germany net, without VAT and shipping, offer only valid for new orders until 28. Sep. 2019, only at the GHL Store and participating dealers)

Wifi built-in

Mitras LX offers the most connectivity options: App, Cloud myGHL, web interface or PC software. Additionally to WiFi a USB port is available.

PC-Software & App by GHL
Mitras LX7, black,bottom view
  • Wide and even light distribution without the notorious “disco effect”, an effect often found in many other LED luminaires
  • High performance reflectors with 99% reflection and high diffusion minimize stray losses and allow excellent color mixing; these reflectors are designed to outperform all LED lens designs
  • 72 (models with 6 clusters) or 48 (models with 4 clusters) high-power LEDs of the best binnings, exclusively from Cree, Osram and SemiLEDs

More features

  • Versions for seawater and freshwater aquariums
  • Seawater version with ultraviolet LEDs (385nm) for fluorescence and better growth of demanding corals
  • Adjustable power distribution with GHL Power Balancing Technology
  • Coverage of the complete relevant spectrum; spectrum freely adjustable by 9 separately dimmable LED color channels
  • Numerous functions such as moon phase, thunderstorms, seasonal lighting, clouds, etc.
  • In addition to WiFi second radio module for communication with other Mitras LX luminaires or ProfiLux aquarium computer (Master/Slave)
  • Easily accessible operating elements (graphic display and capacitive keyboard) on the side in LX7xx6 models
  • LED clusters can be replaced individually
  • More than 4000 dimming levels for super-fine dimming
  • Efficient wide-range power supply unit
  • Innovative and efficient temperature management through active and passive cooling, temperature-controlled and quiet fans
  • Designed, developed and produced in Germany

Specifications for 6 cluster models

  • Dimensions: 324mm x 200mm x 42mm (12.75″ x 7.87″ x 1.65″)

LED power: Max. 195W adjustable distribution


Black or silver/white, with 4 or 6 clusters