GHL Control Center V1.1.1.4

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  • PC software (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10) for ProfiLux 3 & 3.1 & 4, Mitras & GHL Doser 2 SA & Maxi.

    Suitable for:

    • Mitras LX6 up to firmware 1.21
    • Mitras LX7 up to firmware 1.08
    • GHL Doser 2 SA & Maxi up to firmware 1.28
    • ProfiLux 3 & 3.1 with firmware 6.00 to 6.35
    • ProfiLux 4 with firmware 7.00 to 7.13
    • ProfiLux Light/Mini up to firmware 1.06
    • Dennerle Trocal LED Control up to firmware 1.04

    Not suitable for ProfiLux II !

    New in V1.1.1.4:

    Installation of USB-driver needed for firmware updates (USBVCOM) improved, compatible with Windows 7 to Windows 10.

    Bugfix: Closing application crashed

    Moon phase simulation considers now also seasonal lighting. Required firmware updates included (Mitras LX6 V1.21, Mitras LX7 V1.08, ProfiLux 3 V6.35, ProfiLux 4 V7.13, ProfiLux Mini V1.06).

    Range for Power Balancing of the Mitras LX7 increased, overdrive now up to 50% allowed (with new firmware V1.08).


    New in V1.1.1.3:

    Various bug fixes and improvements in GHL Control Center. Focus was on improving communication, especially over WiFi. No changes on firmware.


    New in V1.1.1.2:

    Bugfix for ProfiLux 3 and ProfiLux 4 - DCF problems solved with new ProfiLux firmware 6.34 / 7.12 (included)


    New in V1.1.1.1:

    Bugfix for ProfiLux 3 - KH Director didn't respond in some cases, solved with new ProfiLux firmware 6.33 (included)

    Measured KH values now adjustable (with new firmware 1.28 for GHL Doser, firmware 7.11 for ProfiLux 4 and firmware 6.33 for ProfiLux 3, all included)


    New in V1.1.1.0:

    Bugfix for Trocal LED Control: connection issue solved


    New in V1.1.0.9:

    Bugfix for ProfiLux Mini/Light Trocal LED Control: saving illumination run


    New in V1.1.0.8:

    Support for ProfiLux 3 with KH Director added

    ProfiLux 3: Supports KH Director, with new firmware V6.32 (included)


    New in V1.1.0.7:

    Support for GHL Doser 2/Maxi with KH Director added

    GHL Doser 2/Maxi4: Supports KH Director, with new firmware V1.27 (included)


    New in V1.1.0.6:

    Support for ProfiLux 4 with KH Director added

    ProfiLux 4: Supports KH Director, update of PAB devices, with new firmware V7.10 (included)

    ProfiLux 4 & Mitras LX7: WiFi firmware V6565 included, performance improved


    New in V1.1.0.5:

    Support for GHL Doser Maxi added

    Firmware ProfiLux 3 V6.31 and ProfiLux 4 V7.09, needed for GHL Doser Maxi Slave, included


    New in V1.1.0.3:

    Bugfixes: Configuration of PAB devices + edit dosing schedule

    Several improvements


    New in V1.1.0.0:

    ProfiLux 4: New graphs in GCC and myGHL, emails showing values and states (token evaluation), bugfix for certain email adresses, with new firmware V7.08 (included)

    ProfiLux 4 & Mitras LX7: WiFi firmware V6407 included, performance improved


    New in V1.0.9.9:

    Mitras LX7: New WiFi communication settings, problem with factory defaults after powercut solved, new firmware V1.07 included

    ProfiLux 4: Supports email and NTP, keypad calibration added, new firmware V7.07 included

    For the new features mentioned above also updating of the internal WiFi module is required, WiFi firmware V6376 is included.


    New in V1.0.9.8:

    Improved stability for master-slave-setup and foto/video mode for Mitras LX7 with new firmware 1.06 (included).


    New in V1.0.9.7:

    P4 communication settings extended

    Temperature adjustment for all temp. probes added

    Includes new firmware:

    ProfiLux 4 V7.06 (WiFi connection improved) and WiFi module V6318