GHL Control Center V1.1.3.1

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  • PC software (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10), suitable for these devices:

    • Mitras LX6 up to firmware 1.21
    • Mitras LX7 up to firmware 1.11
    • GHL Doser 2 SA & Maxi up to firmware 1.35
    • ProfiLux 3 & 3.1 with firmware 6.00 to 6.43
    • ProfiLux 4 with firmware 7.00 to 7.23
    • ProfiLux Light/Mini (WiFi) up to firmware 1.11
    • Dohse Ocean Lux LED Controller up to firmware 1.06
    • Dennerle Trocal LED Control up to firmware 1.04

    Not suitable for ProfiLux II !

    New in V1.1.3.1:

    - Select language bug fixed

    - Several UI improvements


    New in V1.1.3.0:

    - Support for Mitras LX74xx (aqua culture version) added


    New in V1.1.2.9:

    - KHD data recording for GHL Doser 2 Standalone / Maxi now available, required firmware 1.35 included

    - Clock issues with different time zones for P4 fixed, required firmware 7.23 included


    New in V1.1.2.8:

    - Support for ProfiLux Mini/Light WiFi added

    - Problems with ProfiLux 4 key calibration fixed, required firmware included 7.22 included

    - Dosing amount range increased for GHL Doser 2.1/Maxi SA, required firmware included 1.34 included


    New in V1.1.2.7:

    - Support for Mitras LX7x04 (4-cluster version) added

    - Improved PWM frequencies for LX7 (standard and photo mode), required LX7 firmware 1.10 included

    - KHD data recording for ProfiLux 3 with firmware 6.43 or higher can be enabled


    New in V1.1.2.6:

    - Communication speed for ProfiLux 4 increased

    - Problems with sending of certain emails via ProfiLux 4 fixed

    Required firmware included (P4: 7.21)


    New in V1.1.2.5:

    - Measurement data of Profilux 3 stored and displayed in GHL Connect

    - Socket outlet control for KH Director depending on KH-value

    - Configuration of PAB-system and PAB-devices via GHL Connect

    Required firmware included (P3: 6.43, P4: 7.20, GHL Doser: 1.33)


    New in V1.1.2.4:

    - Support for Powerbar 6E-PAB

    - Additional diagnosis functions for KH Director

    Required firmware included (P3: 6.42, P4: 7.19, GHL Doser: 1.32)


    New in V1.1.2.3:

    - Support for new controller ProfiLux 4e

    - Advanced moon phase simulation mode

    - Support for Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable

    - Bugfix: Time + date adjustment via frontpanel of ProfiLux 3

    Required firmware included (P3: 6.41, P4: 7.18, P Mini: 1.09)


    New in V1.1.2.1:

    Several improvements and bug fixes.

    Please note: ProfiLux 3 requires firmware 6.40 (here included) for Multichannel setup, not 6.39 as mentioned before.


    New in V1.1.2.0:

    Many detail improvements, especially regarding illumination settings. New Multichannel Setup function for adjusting illumination (ProfiLux 3, 4, Mini, Mitras LX7). Required firmware included (P3: 6.39, P4: 7.17, P Mini: 1.07, Mitras LX7: 1.09)

    Other new functions in firmware 1.09 for Mitras LX7: Pre-programmable light scenes, maintenance, energy settings and photo mode transmission from master to slave devices, photo mode and light scenes can be activated via LX7 panel


    New in V1.1.1.8:

    Support for newer magnetic stirrer model (V2) for ProfiLux 3 (with included firmware 6.38), ProfiLux 4 (with included firmware 7.16) and GHL Doser 2/2.1/Maxi Slave/Standalone (with included firmware 1.30)

    Sockets/switch channel Operating hour meter can be set for ProfiLux 4


    New in V1.1.1.7:

    New features for ProfiLux 3 (with included firmware 6.37) and ProfiLux 4 (with included firmware 7.15):

    - Send current KH value via email (new token) - display of icons in ProfiLux Touch fixed

    GHL Doser 2 SA supports alarms for containers which are filled (with included firmware 1.29)


    New in V1.1.1.6:

    New features for ProfiLux 3 (with included firmware 6.36) and ProfiLux 4 (with included firmware 7.14):

    - Power Failure Monitoring: Triggers alarm and starts emergency program for connected devices - Kalkwasser control mode for KH Director - Flowsensor alarms can be disabled during maintenance or feedpause - separate channel, maintenance and PBF settings for Mitras Lightbar on Expansion box 2 (with included EXB2 firmware 2.04)

    Expansion box 2 now also supports PLM-ADIN with firmware 2.04 (included).


    New in V1.1.1.5:

    Support for Dohse Ocean Lux LED Controller


    New in V1.1.1.4:

    Installation of USB-driver needed for firmware updates (USBVCOM) improved, compatible with Windows 7 to Windows 10.

    Bugfix: Closing application crashed

    Moon phase simulation considers now also seasonal lighting. Required firmware updates included (Mitras LX6 V1.21, Mitras LX7 V1.08, ProfiLux 3 V6.35, ProfiLux 4 V7.13, ProfiLux Mini V1.06).

    Range for Power Balancing of the Mitras LX7 increased, overdrive now up to 50% allowed (with new firmware V1.08).