GHL Control Center V1.1.3.7

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PC software (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10), suitable for these devices:

  • Mitras LX6 up to firmware 1.21
  • Mitras LX7 up to firmware 1.11
  • GHL Doser 2 SA & Maxi up to firmware 1.40
  • ProfiLux 3 & 3.1 with firmware 6.00 to 6.46
  • ProfiLux 4 with firmware 7.00 to 7.28
  • ProfiLux Light/Mini (WiFi) up to firmware 1.12
  • Dohse Ocean Lux LED Controller up to firmware 1.06
  • Dennerle Trocal LED Control up to firmware 1.04

Not suitable for ProfiLux II !

New in V1.1.3.7:

- Bugfix: ION Director calculation of sensor performance corrected, this was previously displayed as too low although sensor was in perfect condition.

The required new firmware V6.46 for ProfiLux 3, V7.28 for ProfiLux 4 and V1.40 for GHL Doser is included.


New in V1.1.3.6:

- IOND Director error notification added when sensor problem is detected

The required new firmware V6.45 for ProfiLux 3, V7.27 for ProfiLux 4 and V1.39 for GHL Doser is included.


New in V1.1.3.5:

- ION Director support for ProfiLux 3

- IOND Director sensor performance monitoring

- Push notification in app GHL Connect for ProfiLux 4

- Light Composer support for Mitras Slimline, Dupla Marin Ocean Lux and Dennerle Trocal

The required new firmware V6.44 for ProfiLux 3, V7.26 for ProfiLux 4 and V1.38 for GHL Doser is included.


New in V1.1.3.4:

- ION Director support for GHL Doser 2/2.1/Maxi

The required new firmware V1.37 for GHL Doser for ION Director is included.


New in V1.1.3.3:

- ION Director support for ProfiLux 4

The required new firmware V7.25 for Profilux 4 for ION Director is included.


New in V1.1.3.2:

- P4 supports now up to 32 dosing pumps and up to 30 PAB devices

- P4 offers now even more control options for dosing pumps

The required new firmware V7.24 for Profilux 4 and V1.36 for GHL Doser 2/Maxi Slave for above new features are included.

- UI has been prepared for ION Director

- Further UI and performance improvements


New in V1.1.3.1:

- Select language bug fixed

- Several UI improvements


New in V1.1.3.0:

- Support for Mitras LX74xx (aqua culture version) added


New in V1.1.2.9:

- KHD data recording for GHL Doser 2 Standalone / Maxi now available, required firmware 1.35 included

- Clock issues with different time zones for P4 fixed, required firmware 7.23 included


New in V1.1.2.8:

- Support for ProfiLux Mini/Light WiFi added

- Problems with ProfiLux 4 key calibration fixed, required firmware included 7.22 included

- Dosing amount range increased for GHL Doser 2.1/Maxi SA, required firmware included 1.34 included


New in V1.1.2.7:

- Support for Mitras LX7x04 (4-cluster version) added

- Improved PWM frequencies for LX7 (standard and photo mode), required LX7 firmware 1.10 included

- KHD data recording for ProfiLux 3 with firmware 6.43 or higher can be enabled


New in V1.1.2.6:

- Communication speed for ProfiLux 4 increased

- Problems with sending of certain emails via ProfiLux 4 fixed

Required firmware included (P4: 7.21)


New in V1.1.2.5:

- Measurement data of Profilux 3 stored and displayed in GHL Connect

- Socket outlet control for KH Director depending on KH-value

- Configuration of PAB-system and PAB-devices via GHL Connect

Required firmware included (P3: 6.43, P4: 7.20, GHL Doser: 1.33)


New in V1.1.2.4:

- Support for Powerbar 6E-PAB

- Additional diagnosis functions for KH Director

Required firmware included (P3: 6.42, P4: 7.19, GHL Doser: 1.32)


New in V1.1.2.3:

- Support for new controller ProfiLux 4e

- Advanced moon phase simulation mode

- Support for Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable

- Bugfix: Time + date adjustment via frontpanel of ProfiLux 3

Required firmware included (P3: 6.41, P4: 7.18, P Mini: 1.09)