Aluprofile 3


With the new aluminium profiles of GHL you are able to replace the standard light bar of most of the common coverings through high-quality and energy-saving luminaires with electronic ballasts in T8 or modern T5-technology, optionally also dimmable.

These shapely profiles are also a stabilizing element for aquarium coverings.

The profile design allows you combination with our tubular Lightbars (necessary with BP-option) in almost every length, since they can simply be shoved into the profile.

This concept offers you a maximum of flexibility.

Aluprofil 3 is available in 10cm increments, ranging from 60 cm to 200 cm. The standard length is about 5 mm shorter than the tank length so that the profile can be hooked into the covering at the tank edge.

For example, a 60 cm tank would need a ALP3-60, which has a length of 59.5 cm.

Special lengths or customization can be obtained on request.


Aluprofil 3 with GHL-Lightbar,
View from Above


Aluprofil 3 with GHL-Lightbar,
Bottom View


Aluprofil 3, integrated into an Aquarium Cover

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