Mitras LX 6000 Series


The Amazingly Bright LED Pendant Luminaire

Mitras® LX 6 illuminates aquariums with powerful lighting technology and unmatched efficiency. The 6000 series includes the following features:

  • Ultra high light output and uniform light distribution in natural brilliant colors (CRI> 95) and situation adapted, unique color mix for strong growth of plants and corals in freshwater and saltwater.
  • Equipped with carefully selected high-power LEDs from CREE®, Osram®, and SemiLEDS® with at least 122 Lumen/Watt (White LEDs).
  • Integrated lighting control and independent LED channel control for mixing color spectrums.
  • Ultra Compact Design: 72 high-power LEDs in only 40 mm x 180 mm x 340 mm small fixture.
  • Integrated 2.4 GHz wireless module (For master-slave operation).
  • Sophisticated thermal management ensures energy efficiency and long life of the LEDs (at least 60,000 operating hours).
  • Replaceable LED clusters.
  • Saves about 50% energy costs compared to conventional illumination technology.
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany.

Full Spectrum and Integrated Lighting Control

Mitras® LX can be adjusted within a wide spectrum range (approximately 380-700 nm). Such flexibility allows you to tailor your light spectrum and output to suit the needs of your plants, fish, and coral. Simply set the light spectrum and light output and watch them thrive.

Our free professional PC operating software, GCC (GHL Control Center) allows you to conveniently operate and configure your Mitras LX. From GCC, you can select predetermined lighting templates or create your own lighting projects from scratch.

When choosing the Mitras® LX 6000 series luminaire, it is very important to consider how this light will be used; we offer different models to suit different uses. Each model is equipped with special LED combinations perfectly matched for different applications such as Freshwater, upper-,medium and deep reef. 

The correct light spectrum used is equally as important as the number of lumens that can be achieved.

Mitras® LX were designed as hanging lamps for operation on open aquariums. They must not be used in a closed aquarium beneath a cover.

For built-in or enclosed aquariums we recommend our high power LED light bars Mitras Lightbar.


Why Mitras® LX?


Manifold Dimming Functions

Realistic lighting scenarios such as sunrise, sunset, moonlight, cloud, seasonal lighting and thunderstorm simulations are made possible with True Dimming Technology ™ by Linear Technology. With 3000 dimming levels per channel light (color), you can accomplish true-to-life simulations, including a “gliding” effect over several luminaires.


Ultra Bright

66 or optional 72 selected high-power LEDs (CREE®, OSRAM®, SemiLEDs®) in 8 or 9 colors (with HV option) with at least 122 lumens / watt (white LEDs). The LEDs are integrated in 6 replaceable LED clusters with high performance reflectors that maximize light efficiency and bring light without spreading losses in the depth.


Special LED Overheat Protection

The microprocessor-controlled automatic brightness reduction and 4 quiet temperature-controlled fans as well as the innovative heatsink design ensures safe operation and maximum luminance efficiency with high energy efficiency.

SPS Growth with Mitras LX

Unique Color Mix

Unique light mixing ensures a high photosynthetic efficiency for lush growth of plants and corals.

The picture shows the development of a SPS under Mitras LX 6100HV.

Preview_Mitras LX Models

Large Range of Models Flexible Use

3 different housing colors: Black, Silver, Silver-white
4 models: Freshwater, Upper-, Medium and deep reef

Flexible use as a master or slave lights by integrated 2.4 GHz radio module.

GCC-Lightcomposer Mitras LX Customizable Color Mix with Clorophyll A & B Graphs

Variable Light Spectrum

Easily adjust the desired light spectrum within a wide range with the Light Composer using the PC Software, GHL Control Center (GCC).

Either you just take over one of the existing lighting projects for your luminaire, or create your own project.

Mitras LX – Brightness in Detail

Mitras LX


Excellent Light Performance

  • 6 individually replaceable LED clusters with 66 or 72 high-power LEDs (min. 130 lumens / watt white LEDs) with an optimum color mixing and uniform illumination.
  • Optional 6 replaceable hyper violet (HV) – LEDs (425 nm)
  • LED life > 70,000 hours (LM80)
  • Selected LEDs of Cree® and OSRAM® the latest generation, the exact placement see below.
  • CRI >95
  • The LEDs are intentionally not operated with the maximum possible current, since this significantly reduces the LED life and energy efficiency. It is much more efficient to use a larger number of LEDs at reduced power.
  • You can choose between 2 operation modes: High Output Mode (maximum light output) and High Efficiency Mode (good light output with high efficiency)

Homogenous Light Distribution

A homogeneous illumination is as important as a high light output. We have determined the best possible placement of the LEDs and shape of the reflectors using complex computer simulations and practical tests. In order to ensure optimum illumination, the LEDs were arranged in 2 x 3 evenly distributed clusters, the LEDs in each clusterwere placed as closely as possible.
The clusters were taken as far as possible to the edge of the light. The results are convincing:

  • Ideal mixture of the individual LED colors, the light in the aquarium has no disturbing color spots
  • Uniform illumination over a wide area
  • Efficient heat dissipation through the heatsink

Specially coated high performance reflectors additionally ensure a homogenous and natural light impression.

  • The reflection factor of 99 % carries the light also into the depths, without unnecessary divergence losses of the light to the sides.
  • The light is also reflected lightly diffuse from the reflectors. Due to that a homogeneous natural lighting effect is achieved, which is very important especially if different colored LEDs are mixed.

The special protective plate:

  • is made of highly translucent plastic, which is also used in solarium construction
  • has a light transmittance of at least 92% over the entire visible color spectrum

Innovative Cooling System

The innovative cooling system (active, passive and controlled by a microprocessor) ensures reliable protection against overheating for maximum luminosity of LEDs and a particularly long service life (> 60,000 hours).

  • Active cooling due to 4 extremely quiet and powerful temperature-controlled fans. The speed of the fans is temperature-dependend and automatically adjusted.
  • Passive cooling through generously dimensioned solid aluminum heatsink with seawater resistant anodized aluminum coating in accordance with DIN 81249-1.
  • Microprocessor-controlled automatic brightness reduction if temperature of the luminaire is getting too high: Is the tempeature further increasing despite maximum cooling, e.g. due to increasing ambient temperatures, the brightness is reduced slowly and continiously.
    The electronics and the LEDs are thus always operated under optimal conditions.

Operation and Functions

Mitras LX has an integrated lighting control.

The adjustment of the luminaire can be made directly from the control panel or via a PC with the software GHL Control Center.

  • The graphic display shows a clear overview of the current operating status.
  • The control panel at the luminaire with its backlit capacitive buttons offers easy operation, such as changing settings or starting special effects.
  • Mitras LX can be connected via USB  to the PC. The convenient PC software GCC for operating the luminaire is free of charge.

All 9 LEDchannels are separately dimmable in up to 3000 steps. In addition to the variable light spectrum a variety of functions thus can be realized:

  • Sun rise and sun set (“East to West”-Simulation) over several luminaires possible
  • Cloud simulation (also “gliding” over several lamps)
  • Seasonal Lighting >Learn More
  • Thunderstorm simulation
  • Calendrical lunar-cycle simulation
  • Rainy days

Several Usage Options and More Features

Thanks to the integrated control and the built-in radio module each luminaire can be used in different ways:

  • As standalone
  • As Master: controls one or several other Mitras luminaires
  • As Slave: is controlled by a master (other Mitras or ProfiLux)
    To control Mitras through a ProfiLux controller the ProfiLux Wireless Interface (PLM PWC Expansioncard) is needed (not included in shipment).

In addition Mitras LX provides:

  • Fast 32 Bit ARM-microcontroller with enough power reserve for future software extensions.
  • Efficient power supply with universal AC input (90 V – 264 V), protection class IP 67, with all relevant approvals (e.g. CE, TÜV, UR)
  • 6 separately replaceable LED-clusters with optimized color mixing and uniform illumination
  • Optional 6 replaceable hyper violet (HV) – LEDs (425 nm)


„I´m absolutely thrilled about the Mitras LX“

Customer Review GHL Support Forum

Customer Aquariums with Mitras LX

Beautiful pictures taken from our clients.

Light is Not Just Light – The Basics of Mitras® LED Illumination by GHL

Benefit from our many years of experience since 2002, we offer dimmable led lights for application in aquatics.

Photosynthetic Efficiency with Mitras Luminaires

With the help of light energy from CO2 and water, coral symbionts and plants build carbohydrates and discard oxygen; this process is called photosynthesis. In charge of this energy production is the plant pigment, chlorophyll (a + b and carotene).

Light beams can be understood as electromagnetic waves, which are made of energy particles called photons. The energy of the so-called Photon is dependent on its wavelength (nm) and its frequency (THz). Different wavelengths of light we see as color. The visible light by humans covers only a certain segment of the electromagnetic spectrum which moves in the range of 380-750 nm.

As you can see – For the intended use, a suitable light spectrum and light intensity are crucial for the photosynthetic activity of coral symbiont and plants. The higher the photosynthesis rate is, the stronger and healthier growth could be achieved.

Lumen, LUX and PAR – Optimal Conditions with Mitras

LUX (lm / m2) is the unit of illuminance, indicating which luminous flux (lumens) falls on a defined area. The light output lumens (lm) as a measure of the brightness is normalized to the human visual sensitivity. Because humans perceive blue or red light less intense than the green light, the lumen decreases though constantly high radiation levels the more blue or red the light is.

The qualification of a luminaire only on the basis of lumens / watt (light output per electrical power) is not always appropriate as nothing is said about the photosynthetic efficiency of light

It is quite so that a luminaire with high lumens but unfavorable spectrum of photosynthesis is less beneficial than a luminaire with slightly less lumens but therefore optimum range.

More meaningful is the so-called PAR value (Photosynthetic Active Radiation), which describes the available radiation for photosynthesis.

All this offers the high-power Mitras LED illumination in perfection. Mitras Luminaires achieve above-average PAR values and thus ensures healthy growth in your aquarium.

More Facts Why Mitras Luminaires Are Your Best Choice

When comparing our Mitras Luminaires with others, you should note the following points:

  • Our electric power includes also the consumption of the control electronics, not only the consumption of the LEDs.
  • The light performance indicated by us includes also the performance of the LEDs which contribute less to the creation of lumen but which optimize the spectrum.
  • Furthermore, we indicate the actual remaining lumen after deducting the losses through the glass and temperature increase.
  • Contrary to the commonly used practice to use cheap series resistors for LED-current limiting, in our luminaires, the current of LEDs is precisely controlled by electronics. This reduces the current consumption and heat waste.
  • We truly believe that we could utilize the maximum potential out of LED-technology – the best LEDs, an extremely transparent protector plate, a massive cooling and an electronic control. More is hardly possible. If you find elsewhere better performance data, then you should question this critically.
  • We don’t indicate any ideal theoretic values, but the performance data which can be reached in practice after deduction of all losses.

Mitras LX provides an incredibly intensive, uniform and wide coverage the diagram above: PAR measurement in High Output Mode

Suitable Light Spectrum for Specific Applications

For an optimal lighting result, we offer four different types with different LED combinations to choose from:

  • Mitras LX 6000 (Freshwater)
  • Mitras LX 6100 (Marine Water Upper Reef)
  • Mitras LX 6100-HV (Marine Water Upper to Medium Reef)
  • Mitras LX 6200-HV (Marine Water Medium to Deep Reef)

They differ in terms of the average color temperature and are tailored to the specific application.

The use of several LED colors gives the opportunity to adjust the light color via GCC within far bounces. The Luminaires however, should be chosen in a way that the average light color matches as good as possible. The higher the light temperature, the more bluish the light appears.

Mitras LX 6000
  • Optimized for Freshwater
  • Relative Spectral Radiation Power:
    All LEDs running at 100%
  • 1000 K – 18000 K Adjustment Range of Color Temperature
  • 6800 K Center Color Temperature
  • 8 seperately dimmable colors
    12 x Cree XP-E2 blue, 12 x Cree XT-E cool white, 6 x Cree XT-E royal blue,12 x Cree XT-E neutral white, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL true green, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL yellow, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL red, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL hyperred
Mitras LX 6100
  • Optimized for Marine Water Upper Reef
  • Relative Spectral Radiation Power:
    All LEDs running at 100%
  • 1000 K – 18000 K Adjustment Range of Color Temperature
  • 8600 K Center Color Temperature
  • 8 seperately dimmable colors
    12 x Cree XP-E2 blue, 12 x Cree XT-E cool white, 12 x Cree XT-E royal blue,6 x Cree XT-E neutral white, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL true green, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL yellow, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL red, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL hyperred
Mitras LX 6100-HV
  • Optimized for Marine Water Upper to Medium Reef
  • Relative Spectral Radiation Power:
    All LEDs running at 100%
  • 1000 K – 24000 K Adjustment Range of Color Temperature
  • 9200 K Center Color Temperature
  • 9 seperately dimmable colors
    12 x Cree XP-E2 blue, 12 x Cree XT-E cool white, 12 x Cree XT-E royal blue,6 x Cree XT-E neutral white, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL true green, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL yellow, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL red, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL hyperred, 6 x hyper violet 425 nm
Mitras LX 6200-HV
  • Optimized for Marine Water Medium to Deep Reef
  • Relative Spectral Radiation Power:
    All LEDs running at 100%
  • 1000 K – 24000 K Adjustment Range of Color Temperature
  • 9500 K Center Color Temperature
  • 9 seperately dimmable colors
    12 x Cree XP-E2 blue, 12 x Cree XT-E cool white, 12 x Cree XT-E royal blue,6 x Cree XT-E neutral white, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL true green, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL skywhite, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL red, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL hyperred, 6 x hyper violet 425 nm
The same View Illuminated in Different Light

Technical Data

Operation Mode

All specifications are relating to average parameters and can vary due to component tolerances and ambient conditions.


Power supply and luminaire are getting warm during operation and must be installed in a way to allow sufficient heat dissipation.

Available LED Clusters for Replacement, Retrofitting and Upgrading

Each type of Mitras Luminaire can be equipped with any LED-cluster type (only cluster type, mixing is not possible).
Through this forward-looking technology, you can later take advantage of new technological developments.

Thus for example it is possible to change later a LX 6100 HV to a LX 6200 HV, or a LX 6000 to a LX 6100 HV.

All Mitras LX models are hardware-prepared for the different LED-cluster-types, possibly a firmware update is required. With the GHL Control Center the new cluster configuration in the light can be activated easily.

Scope of Delivery

The following items are included:

  • Efficient wide range power supply IP 67 with lockable safety plug
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable
Energy Label

Optional Hanging Kit

The Mitras® LX can be hung with a patented high quality hanging kit, that consists of ceiling mounts, hanging wire, wire holders and mounting brackets.

This optional hanging kit enables flexible height adjustment of the lights over the basin and is available online in our shop GHL Store.

Installation of Mitras LX

When assembling the Mitras LX a minimum distance from the upper edge of the aquarium of about 20 cm must be strictly adhered to.


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