Pump Controller


Control Your Pumps Professionally

Control your stream pumps professionally using the ProfiLux Aquarium Controller. Perfectly integrate them into the workflow of your aquarium using many flexible options. The following pumps can be controlled:

  • EcoTech Marine® with the GHL VorTech Controller (ProfiLux with PAB required, e.g. ProfiLux 3 / 3.1 /4)
  • Tunze® pumps with the simple and direct connection through the GHL Adapter Cables
  • Hydor Koralia® with GHL´s external pump control PumpControl 1
  • Venotec Abyzz®, the matching adapter cable is available directly from Venotec
  • Royal Exclusiv®, the appropriate adapter cable is available directly from Royal Exclusiv
  • Stream pumps which are controllable via an analog interface (0V10V) can also be controlled

ProfiLux can also control EHEIM professionel 3e external filters with PC interface. All you need for this is the GHL EheimController.

Discover a Wide Range of Options with ProfiLux

ProfiLux Controllers are capable of controlling current pumps or external filters in many ways.

They offer users the option to create several simple and/or very complex current programs, including high/low tide, waves, surge, random or night mode settings.

You can even synchronize these pump settings with other aquarium functions, such as:

  • Illumination runs (sunrise/sunset or thunderstorm)
  • Dosing intervals
  • Feeding pause 

and much more.

By owning a ProfiLux, you eliminate the need to own any additional controllers which have nothing more to offer than simple pump control functions.

Pump Control in Detail