What is the meaning of the blink and color codes of the GHL Logo?

GHL Logo Status Display

Some GHL devices have an illuminated logo which displays system information using a RGB-LED.

Statusdisplay Expansionbox 2

Up to 2 information can be displayed simultaneously according to the following rules:

  • the information to be displayed are selected according to their priority
  • if 2 information should be displayed, these appear alternately


Displayed information

  Information Combinable with other information Blinking can be switched off
Violet blinking Device booting No No
Red/Yellow blinking Error: Problem with serial number or security key No No
Red constant Error: Memory defective No
Yellow constant Memory has been reset – please reactivate control by confirming on the device No
Red blinking Alarm Yes Yes
Yellow blinking Warning Yes Yes
Green blinking Activity, e.g. dosing or water change Yes Yes
White constant Configuration LAN/Wi-Fi No
White blinking Connecting with myGHL Yes Yes
Blue blinking Connected with myGHL Yes Yes
Blue constant No information to display

(the order is according to the priority)


The user has some options to customize the display according to his wishes, he can choose among these modes:

  • Standard – up to 2 information are shown, the logo might blink for displaying a certain information.
  • Standard w/o Blinking – only one information can be displayed, the logo shows one color permanently.
  • Off – no information is displayed, the logo is not illuminated.
  • Constant Red, Green or Blue – no information is displayed, the logo is permanently illuminated with the selected color.

In addition, the brightness of the logo illumination can be set in the range of 20% to 100% (in the “off” mode, the brightness is independent of this always 0%).


System requirements

The functionality described here requires the following minimum software and firmware versions:

ProfiLux 3 N/T (eX) 6.26
GHL Doser 2 Standalone 1.19
GHL Doser 2 Slave 1.19
Expansion Box 2 2.02
GHL Control Center