GHL Control App

[This app is obsolete – please use the new app GHL Connect for your GHL Doser 2]

The GHL Control app allows you to conveniently monitor and configure your dosing pump GHL Doser 2 from your smartphone or tablet.

Connect to your GHL Doser 2 from anywhere in the world. The intuitive user interface lets you upload your dosing schedule quickly and safely and also control current levels.

Use the app to perform many more functions such as precise manual dosing, pump calibration, or alarm alerts.

The app has been designed for both Android smartphones and the iPhone / iPad.

GHLControl App


  • Set dosing schedules and level alarms
  • Manual dosing
  • Canister refill
  • Pump calibration
  • and much more
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • English and German

Free download in our download area (Android app) or at iTunes.


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