ProfiLux App

[This app is obsolete – please use the new app GHL Connect for your ProfiLux 3]

With this app, you can access your Aquarium Controller ProfiLux 3 on your Android or iPhone / iPad from anywhere in the world.

Monitor alarms, current measured values and states, manually switch all devices (heating, valves, lighting, pumps, etc.) connected to your ProfiLux or see the measurement history on a chart.

In addition, you can also activate the special functions of the ProfiLux, eg automatic water change, feeding pause, maintenance mode or thunderstorm simulation.

The app has been designed for both Android smartphones and the iPhone / iPad.

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The app for ProfiLux (only models with built-in web server: ProfiLux 3, 3 eX, 3.1N / T and 3.1N / T EX) provides the following functions:

  • Starting actions (water changes, feeding pause, maintenance, storm)
  • Show current states and values
  • Show measured values graphically
  • Manual switching of sockets and lighting
  • Adjustment of sensor setpoints. For any further functions, GHL Control Center is required.
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • English and German

Free download in our download area (Android app) or at iTunes.


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