GHL Powerbars feature on/off switching electrical loads for components such as heaters, cooling devices, solenoid valves for CO2 control, or stream pumps.

Our Powerbars are designed specially for the aquarium hobby and produced to the highest quality and security standards.

The body of the Powerbars are made of high quality materials and premium grade insulating plastic to prevent electrical shock when touched after potential water contact. All used components are UL-certified and flame retardant.
Mounting holes are conveniently placed on the side or back (depending on the model) of the Powerbars to save space on walls or in aquarium cabinets.

Depending on the ProfiLux model, up to 64 switchable sockets and a maximum of 32 dimmable sockets can be controlled separately.

For switching we use extremely robust and reliable HIC (High Inrush Current) industry-relays instead of cheap semiconductors. These relays are specified for 16 A @ 250 VAC and are able to withstand even up to 160 A for a short while, switching of critial loads such as MH-ballasts, switching power supplies or large chillers is no problem at all.

Also the power consumption of individual loads per socket can be measured separately (versions with PAB only). The integrated LEDs indicate the switching status of the individual outlets. Fuses protect the powerbars against overload (230 V versions).

All Powerbars can be daisy-chained. Exeption: Model STDL4-4.

Maximum current in total / per socket:

Version USA/CND

STDL4-4: 15 A / 15 A
Powerbar 6D: 15 A / 15 A
Powerbar 5.1: 15 A / 15 A
Powerhub 6D PAB: — / 10A

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Showing all 4 results