GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi

The GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi, with a flow rate of up to 320 ml/minute, is ideal for automatic water changes, level control, and dosing in larger quantities. Due to the precise 24 V stepper motors, micro-doses of 0.1 mL are also possible.

The high-quality technology inside the compact and modern GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi enables precise and straightforward dosing and includes many more features.

Robust mechanics and highly efficient stepper motors even allow continuous operation at a constant speed, e.g., for operating reactors.

With the free GHL Control App or the cloud service myGHL, you can access your Doser from anywhere in the world to start dispensing programs or check the levels of your metering liquids.

Operate your Doser comfortably from your smartphone or your PC. The connection is possible via Wi-Fi and USB.

The LED-illuminated GHL Logo in the housing lid is a status indicator. It displays the condition of your aquarium by displaying various colors and tells you when something requires your attention.
The GHL Doser Maxi is available as a Standalone Unit and as an Extension Unit.

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Showing all 2 results