GHL Aquarium Technology is Reliable and Safe.

Are you a passionate aquarist looking for a highly reliable product? If so, we have the products that perfectly suit your needs! Our professional grade equipment effectively carries out daily tasks such as monitoring or maintenance duties. Save time and give yourself more time to enjoy the hobby.

GHL Products are Versatile and Customer Focused.

The versatility and functionality of GHL products are legendary. No matter if you own an aquarium, terrarium, or pond, GHL products will grow with your needs. We have been developing advanced aquarium technology since 1998 and continue to develop products that meet the needs of the modern aquarist. We listen to our customer’s needs and implement features for hobbyists to enjoy.

GHL – It´s the Details that Count.

When we develop our products, even the smallest of details is considered. Safety and reliability are always at the top of our list. Our products are field-tested multiple times before they are released to the market. We understand the importance of reliability and give you this so you can have success in fishkeeping.


Finding success in your hobby can be easy . With our products, you are able to:

  • Perfectly simulate the natural environment for your livestock.
  • Easily create and maintain a biological balance.
  • React immediately if something needs your attention.

Our free PC SoftwareGHL Control Center, as well as our Apps, Webserver and myGHL cloud service keep you informed at all times.




Our GHL Aquarium Technology product line consists of:

  • ProfiLux® Aquarium Controller
  • Mitras® High-Power LED-Luminaires
  • GHL Doser 2
  • Ample accessories and modular equipment

Alone or together, our modular products are the perfect match for your hobby.




Once up and running, you will love the ease and safety you get from using our products. You are also well equipped for the future because:

  • New products are constantly being added.
  • Your GHL system grows as needed and is expandable with nearly no limit.
  • You can simultaneously control and monitor several systems all from one controller (Above: Long-term Benthology research installation, IFM Geomar, Kiel).
  • We work closely with research facilities all over the world to bring you the latest in scientific grade measurements and data.

Read more about interesting application examples here.

We love beautiful aquariums just as much as you!

With professional GHL Aquarium Technology, you can bring the aquarium of your dreams to life.
Our GHL Support Forum category, “Customer aquariums and terrariums” can provide you with a wealth of tips and guidance for realizing your target, especially with GHL products.

Take a look at some of our customer’s aquariums run by GHL products. Success is beautiful.

Maintain stability for your animals and plants. Save precious time by using our technology!

Enjoy Your Passion

GHL Takes Care of the Rest.

ION Director - Update about the shipment
Published 4/1/2020 in GHL (International)
ION Director, White
The current corona crisis is causing serious problems in material procurement and logistics worldwide, with many supply chains experiencing major delays. Since GHL has a very large stock of raw material and finished products, the delivery time of already existing products is rarely affected. However, with new developments - such as the ION Director - there is...read more ❯
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Dear customer, The increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is also a daily concern for us. We follow the current developments very closely and continuously adapt our measures. Delivery times In the current crisis, we are once again benefiting from our philosophy of keeping a high inventory level. Due to the large stock of raw materials...read more ❯
Tank Of The Month - TOTM March 2020
Published 3/17/2020 in GHL (International)
TOTM_03_20, Pedro Gomez' Island Reef
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Software-Update March 2020
Published 3/15/2020 in GHL (International)
After five months of development work we proudly present a major software update! The new firmware version 7.24 of ProfiLux 4 offers you in conjunction with the latest version of GHL Control Center ( as well as GHL Connect many new possibilities and detail improvements. The most important updates are described below. Please note the important update...read more ❯
Current delivery situation at GHL (as of February 24 2020)
Published 2/24/2020 in GHL (International)
Dear customer, dear customer, we would like to inform you about the current delivery situation. Although GHL...read more ❯
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