Mitras-LB-Active Splitter RJ45


For connecting more than 4 Mitras Lightbars to a ProfiLux 4, Mini, Light, or Expansion box 2.


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The Mitras Lightbar-ActiveSplitter RJ45 enables you to operate more than 4 Lightbars (up to 16) via ProfiLux together. This ActiveSplitter is compatible with ProfiLux 4, ProfiLux Mini / Light, and Expansion Box 2.


Configuration with MitrasLBActiveSplitter RJ45

What’s included

  • 1x Mitras-Lightbar-ActiveSplitter RJ45
  • 1x Mitras-Lightbar-Cable-RJ 45 (For connecting to ProfiLux 4/ Mini/ Light/ Expansionbox 2)
  • 2x Cables for connecting ActiveSplitter to Mitras LB splitter.