Mitras LED Illumination

Optimal lighting plays a vital role in the success of aquariums and terrariums. It directly controls the photosynthetic activity of plants and coral symbionts, thus significantly contributing to the preservation of life and health of aquatic animals.

Since 2002, we develop and produce dimmable LED lighting for aquariums and terrariums – Benefit from our years of experience. We offer the right model for every need. As a main lighting we offer the dimmable high-power LED pendants (Mitras LX) and the lightbars (Mitras LB) for you to choose from. Another option is to pick the Mitras-Simu-Stick, if solely an effect lighting is desired.

Depending on the model, true-to-life lighting scenarios such as sunrise/sunset, clouds, rainy days, tropical dawn, moonlight simulation, seasonal lighting and thunderstorms are possible.

The lamps manufactured in Germany by GHL offer:

– Sophisticated technology and high quality material
– Functional and modern design
– Efficiency and durability