Mitras-Simu-Stick 55


Dimmable LED-lamp, LEDs in white, red, green and blue separately dimmable
Simulation of moon, sunrise and thunderstorm
waterproof (IP67), length = 55 cm
for operation Mitras-Simu-Driver is required

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Independently controllable via 4 separate dimmable light colors (neutral white, red, green and blue). You can create a variety of lighting scenarios in your aquarium:

  •     Moonlight
  •     Sunset and Sunrise
  •     Thunderstorm / Lightning

For light dimming and simulations, ProfiLux Controller is required.

You can operate the luminaire with or without controller.

Without control unit no dimming or simulation is possible. The LED light will illuminate at 100% and can only be switched on or off.

The MitrasSimu stick should only be used as a supplement to the main lighting of your aquarium or terrarium.


  • Anodized aluminum body with cooling fins
  • Excellent cooling for long life and maximum luminous efficiency
  • Shiftable mounting brackets
  • Availbale in several lengths, 55 und 95 cm
  • Waterproof sealed (IP67)
  • High-qualitiy LEDs from Samsung (Typ 5060)
  • Cable length to Mitras-Simu-Driver 2 m

Control and Operation with ProfiLux

Operate Mitras-Simu-Stick comfortably via ProfiLux. This allows you to control the light colors and brightness at all times, as needed.

Thunderstorm simulations are possible if controlled by ProfiLux.

The ProfiLux Computer is connected to the for operation also needed Mitras-Simu-Driver with  included western cables.

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