ProfiLux Deluxe Set, Black


GHL has put together a very special package for this Easter: The ProfiLux Deluxe Set. Our bestsellers ProfiLux 4 and GHL Doser 2.2 as well as extensive accessories are offered in this set at a drastically reduced price.

As a bonus, the GHL mug and the GHL baseball hat are included free of charge!

  • ProfiLux 4 Controller

    Aquarium Controller for controlling light, and measurement and control of Temperature, pH, Redox, and Conductivity.

    Includes controller, power supply, water temperature sensor (lab grade) and USB cable.

  • Powerbar 6E-PAB USA/CND × 2

    Digital powerbar for PAB, 6 sockets switchable, switch with integrated fuse.

  • GHL Doser 2.2 EXT

    Extension dosing pump unit without control, 4 pumps, stepper motors, power supply, and tube adapters.

    Not a standalone product; requires GHL Doser Standalone or ProfiLux (3 and higher) to operate this device.

  • pH Electrode

    pH-electrode, BNC, 3m cable

  • Redox Electrode

    Redox-electrode, BNC, 3m cable

  • Conductivity Electrode, Platinum

    Conductivity electrode platinum, BNC, 3m cable, for fresh water + salt water

  • Level Sensor, Optical, Version 2

    Level sensor, optical
    Mini-DIN, 3 m cable

  • Level Sensor Fastener for Optical sensor v2

    Level Sensor Fastener for Optical sensor version 2; vertical mounting

  • Level Sensor Holder Base Unit


    Base unit level sensor holder
    Plexiglass stick with magnetic mount

  • Sensorholder 4

    Holder for 4 sensors, magnetic fixing, max. glass thickness 15 mm

  • Calibration Fluid pH4


    Calibration fluid pH4.0

  • Calibration Fluid pH7


    Calibration fluid pH7.0

  • Calibration Fluid pH9


    Calibration fluid pH9,0

  • Calibration Fluid Conductivity 1.41 mS


    Calibration fluid conductivity 1.41mS/cm

  • Calibration Fluid Conductivity 50 mS


    Calibration fluid conductivity 50mS/cm

  • Calibration Fluid Redox 220 mV


    Calibration fluid Redox 220mV

  • PAB-Cable × 3

    Accessory for connecting PAB devices.

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The ProfiLux Deluxe set is designed for marine and fresh water and consists of:

  • ProfiLux 4
  • 2x Powerbar 6E
  • GHL Doser 2.2 EXT
  • Sensors for temperature, pH, redox, conductivity
  • Optical level sensor, incl. holder
  • 4-fold sensor holder
  • Calibration liquids pH4, pH7, pH9, 1.41mS, 50mS, 220mV
  • 3x PAB cable 2m

As a bonus, the GHL mug and the GHL baseball hat are included free of charge!

Additional information

Product color

Black, White

Cable length

2 m (6.5 ft)

ProfiLux 4 Controller

Product color


GHL Doser 2.2 EXT

Product color



PAB cable length

2 m (6.5 ft)