Level Sensor Holder Base Unit



Base unit level sensor holder
Plexiglass stick with magnetic mount

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The level sensor base unit is perfect for holding GHL level sensors (Optical, Float) in-place in your sump or aquarium.

  • Magnetic mount makes it easy to position the sensors in your sump or aquarium
  • Holder can be fastened to horizonal or vertical surfaces
  • Allows for easy height adjustment of sensors (fasteners required)

NOTE: In order to mount optical or float sensors to this accessory, you will need the matching fastener for the sensor type you want to mount.

Optical sensor fasteners
Horizontal mounting: Level Sensor Fastener, angled
Vertical mounting: Level sensor fastener for Optical sensor v2

Float sensor fastener
Level Sensor Fastener PL-LF-S8

What’s included

  • Level sensor assembly rod
  • Magnetic holder for assembly rod (Sensorholder1)

Want more holding strength?

Add a Sensorholder1 accessory to your order!


Application Example

pl-lf-base2 Application Example


The picture shows the level sensor holder base unit with mounted sensors and sensor holders (not included).

Additional information

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