GHL Advanced Technology, hereinafter referred to as GHL for short, was founded in its current legal form in 2001 and has existed in another legal form since 1998.

The main fields of activity of GHL are the development, production and marketing of electronic products for various industries. Characteristic for GHL is a high vertical range of manufacture, the production extends for example from mechanical processing over device construction up to in-house printed circuit board assembly. The broad expertise in many disciplines – development of software and hardware, 3D design, to name just a few – enables high flexibility and efficiency in many development processes.

The focus is mainly on very high quality and precise measurement and control technology for industrial applications, especially for the automotive industry and for research facilities.

From the very beginning, the company also developed and manufactured innovative and technically very sophisticated products for aquatics, such as the ProfiLux computer series and high-performance LED lighting for aquariums. Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of GHL aquarium technology, these took a larger and larger share in the company over the course of time; in the meantime, aquatic products have taken up a central role. At the same time, sophisticated products for the industry are still developed and manufactured.

Due to the legendary very high quality and operational reliability, GHL products enjoy an excellent reputation, customers all over the world appreciate the products.

GHL is continuously growing due to many new and market-defining products, the steadily increasing space requirements for employees and production capacities led to the construction of a modern new building in 2014. The current company headquarters offers optimal conditions for the further development of the company.


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