GHL Doser


GHL Doser Accurate and Reliable

Keep your water values permanently stable: With our dosing pumps, the automatic addition of fluids is a breeze.

Dose trace elements, fertilizers, balling salts, or water, precisely to the milliliter. Programming is done by specifying the daily dose amount and the number of doses per day. Alternatively, you can also use timer functions if you wish to dose at specific times.

The high-quality materials inside the doser ensure a long lifespan. Thanks to the modular design, if a dosing pump needs replacing after many hours of use, you can easily do it in the convenience of your home.

The Right Model For Each Purpose.

The Doser is available 2 versions :

  1. Autonomous Doser with integrated control electronics (Stand Alone Unit)
    The device works independently and does not need a ProfiLux Controller for operation.
  2. Doser without integrated controller (EXTENSION Unit)
    The device has an interface for connection to a ProfiLux Controller or to a Stand-Alone Doser with integrated control electronics.
    If a ProfiLux with level control drives the EXT Doser, a pump can also be used for automatic level control or auto top-off.

All GHL Dosers are designed and made in Germany. From start to finish, we carry out the engineering-implementation and development of all our products. Tests for market maturity and production also take place in Germany. Our goal is to develop long-lasting and well thought-out products by considering even the smallest of details. We want to give you the most out of our equipment and help you get the most out of your hobby.

Why GHL Dosers are Your Best Choice:


Milliliter precision and automated dispensing of liquids such as

  • Fertilizers
  • Trace Elements
  • Balling Salts
  • Lime Water
  • Liquid Feed
  • Integrated evaporated water refill (Auto TopOff)
  • Water exchange of small water volumes
  • Expandable up to 32 pumps respectively metering channels
  • Stainless steel motor shafts (also suitable for the dosage of Iodine)
  • Chemical resistant tubing (Norprene®)
  • Manual operation of each individual pump is possible
  • Pumps can be retrofitted
  • Individual parts can be replaced (hose, pump head, motor)
  • 24V stepper motors allow micro doses of 0.1 ml
Dosing Intervals
  • Up to 150 doses per day
  • Easily chose dosing times via software (GHL Control Center).
    Automatically: Up to 150 individual doses per day automatically distributed
    Individually: Up to 8 doses per day individually set
  • Each pump can be set separately
  • Conveying capacity and dosing:
    8-45 ml / minute (precisely adjustable to 0.1 ml)
  • Level indicator

Professional CAN Bus System ensures reliable and interference-free networking of all network devices, such as GHL Doser 2 und 2.1, ProfiLux Controllers, Powerbars, Expansion Boxes.

  • WiFi, LAN, and USB
  • Alarm function
  • Large LED status indicator
  • Status LED for pumps
PC-Software & Apps by GHL
  • Convenient to program via our free PC software GCC
  • Or over our app, web, and cloud service, also free of charge

Your Doser is Waiting for You. GHL Doser and Accessories at a Glance.

GHL Doser 2.2

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GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi

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Doser Accessories

Here you will find accessories and spare parts to our Dosers and to ProfiLux Outdoor, which has built-in metering pumps. Accessories Spare Parts

Our GHL Support Forum offers you technical support and guidance as well as a buying guide. Just make sure you stop by!