Based on science. Well-thought in detail.

GHL has been developing innovative Aquarium Technology since 1998. We strive to provide aquarists with the safest, most reliable aquarium technology available. All of our products are designed and field-tested to the highest standards and based on the latest scientific findings. We offer a wide range of products for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, ponds, and terrariums.

Aquariencomputer ProfiLux


Aquarium Controller with unmatched reliability and safety. Controls sophisticated iIllumination programs. Accurately monitors and controls parameters such as temperature, pH, conductivity, redox potential or oxygen content depending on the model. The ProfiLux is an indispensable aid for maintaining the biological balance in aquariums, terrariums, and ponds.

High-Power LED Hängeleuchte

Mitras LX

Mitras LX is well equipped with the latest in LED technology and efficiency. These high-powered LEDs are specially mixed and tuned to provide increased coloration, increased growth, maximum light distribution, and brilliant true-to-life colors (CRI > 95).


Mitras Lightbar 2

LED-Lightbar for enhanced growth of plants and corals. Homogeneous, brilliant and very bright illumination through a balanced mix of selected high power LEDs in brilliant true-to-life colors (CRI >95). Provides optimal illumination through wide light distribution and a broad LED radiating angle of 120°. Energy efficient and durable.

LED Effektbeleuchtung Mitras-Simu-Stick von GHL


Dimmable LED-effect illumination as an adjunct to general aquarium lighting. Enchanting light effects through long-lasting high quality Samsung RGB LEDs. Controllable with the ProfiLux Aquarium Contoller or manually dimmable with ManuDimm. Without contoller all LEDs shine to 100%.

GHL Doser 2

GHL Doser 2

The ultimate in dosing technology; smart and extremely accurate dosing pumps. Dose liquids and trace elements in amounts as small as 0.1ml. Durable and silent stepper motors. Daisy chain for up to 16 total dosing pumps. Offered in Stand Alone or Slave versions. On-board WiFi and cloud ready (Stand Alone Doser only).

Aquarienlüfter PropellerBreeze 2 von GHL

PropellerBreeze II

Durable and speed controllable fan units made of stainless steel (V4A). Effective and extremely quiet cooling fans with large airflow rates to ensure efficient heat dissipation. Tiltable mounting brackets included. 3 to 6 fan models available.

SMS Modul von GHL bietet Sicherheit im Falle eines Alarms

SMS Module

Sends notifications in the event of an alarm, power outage, or a changing digital input an SMS to an adjustable number. For ProfiLux II or ProfiLux 3 and ProfiLux Outdoor, beginning from model II. For ProfiLux Outdoor, beginning from Model 2, a built-in variant is available.

Ansteuerungsmodule für Strömungspumpen

Pump Control

Control of flow pumps such as EcoTech Marine®, Tunze® pumps Hydor Koralia®, venotec Abbyz®, Royal Exclusiv®, Waveline® (in preparation) as well as all current pumps that can be controlled via an analog interface (0 V 10 Vwith the ProfiLux Aquarium Controller.

GHL Sensoren

GHL Sensors

Robust, low-maintenance measuring electrodes made from the highest quality materials and laboratory standards in German production. Extra long connection cables (3 m), specially manufactured for use in the aquarium hobby. Menu-guided calibration at the touch of a button on the ProfiLux computer.

Expansion Box 2

Expansion Box 2

Extension for ProfiLux 3 (all models). Any 4 extension modules, various input and output connections are already installed. One or more boxes can be connected via the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB) with the ProfiLux.

ProfiLux Expansion Cards

Expansion Cards

Used to expand the capabilities of ProfiLux II, ProfiLux II Outdoor, ProfiLux 3 (all models) and expansion box. Combined and individual cards as pH, Conductivity or Redox. The cards are automatically detected and can be combined. Easy to install, similar to a PC.


GHL Lightbars

High-quality construction of special anodized extruded aluminum profile (50 mm high and 52 mm wide) for maximum stability with minimal weight. Numerous variation possibilities. Available for almost every aquarium.

Powerbar 5.1

GHL Powerbars

Switching of electrical loads such as heater, cooling, solenoid valve for CO2 control, or stream pumps. Especially developed for the aquarium hobby. All sockets are independently switchable and individually fused.

With professional GHL Aquarium Technology, you can bring the aquarium of your dreams to life.
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