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GHL News
Magnetic stirrer for GHL Doser 2
Published 1/1/2016 in GHL (International)
Magnetic Stirrer for GHL Doser 2
Some liquids tend to settle and require stirring before being dosed into the aquarium. The new GHL Magnetic Stirrer can handle this task with ease and comfortably. At any time or immediately prior to dosing the magnetic stirrer mixes the liquid to be dosed.The GHL Magnetic Stirrer works by utilizing a magnetic stir bar placed into a liquid container. Once activated, the stir bar is moved by a...read more ❯
Mitras LX in Vero Beach Museum
Published 6/5/2015 in GHL (International)
Four of our High-Power LED-lights illuminating a 500 gallon saltwater tank in the Vero Beach Museum of Art (Florida, USA). These photos have been taken during installation,so the water is still a bit cloudy. The tank was installed by our friend Chris Portale from The Fish Store in Fort Pierce. read more ❯
Breeding Zebra fish in Bar-Ilan University
Published 4/5/2016 in GHL (International)
ProfiLux in Genetics Of Musculoskeletal Disease Lab Zebra fish facility   GHL products are used for controlling water level, pH, conductivity, and temperature. The 'programmable logic' is used to obtain steady values of pH and conductivity by controlling the dosing pumps using a combination of timers and sensor readings. Furthermore the Profilux features for automatic water...read more ❯
Mesocosm in Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute
Published 4/9/2016 in GHL (International)
ProfiLux helps to simulate changes in environmental conditions   GHL products are used for controlling salinity, pH and Temperature. The delta treatments are achieved by using the ProfiLux feature 'dynamic value'. They also use a GHL measurement cell in each system, furthermore the monitoring over internet, sms alarming and data logging are used. The graph below shows the...read more ❯
ProfiLux in Google Headquarters Switzerland
Published 4/15/2016 in GHL (International)
Google-Lounge powered by ProfiLux and Mitras Lightbars For the tank illumination the high-power LED-luminaires Mitras Lightbar are used. Our ProfiLux Aquarium Controllers are utilized (among other tasks) for These are several Malawi, Tanganyika and Amazonas tanks, most of them with lots of plants. Here some examples for different light sceanarious: read more ❯