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GHL News
Post Title
Published 3/11/2019 in GHL (International)
I have a 280 DIY full glass freshwater tank running via a profilux 4 and lit by a mitras LED bar. I would use the slimlines in my sump for algae growth. ???read more ❯
Post Title
Published 3/11/2019 in GHL (International)
My current marine reef is in maturation from about 3 months during I'm insert some corals. In the next future I'm buying some fishes adaptable to the measure of the reef (e.g. Ocellaris, Chromis viridis) and above all that their will be from breeding (I don't want to create significant impact to the ambience and nature, so NO fishes and corals "ripped" from the Ocean). My current reef is a Blau...read more ❯
Post Title
Published 3/11/2019 in GHL (International)
Ciao sono Andres di Rimini, ho un acquario marino da 150lt , misure 75x37x55. Ho una sump da 50lt, con schiumatoio Tunze 9004 , movimento due Jebao sw8. Attualmente è illuminata da una plafoniera da 100w per marino Orphek e da due plafoniere a led auto-costruite laterali da 30w, siccome adoro gli sps circa 80% della popolazione attuale e vorrei aumentare la loro crescita e benessere , vorrei...read more ❯
Post Title
Published 3/11/2019 in GHL (International)
Ich möchte mit den Slimline Mitras meine T5 unterstützen und etwas Pep und Farbe ins Aquarium bringen. Sie sollen die schattigen stellen beleuchten und meine Korallen farbenprächtig darstellen. Die slimline wäre als Gesamtbeleuchtung in Zukunft interessant.read more ❯
Post Title
Published 3/11/2019 in GHL (International)
Acqaurio marino a gestito con metodo berlinese, di dimensioni 130 cm x 65 cm x 60 cm 450 l, sump con schiumatoio e reattore di calcio, refugium 120 litri. Coralli lps,sps, e molli.read more ❯
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