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Versia controller and ProfiLux 4 controller required to operate this product; sold separately

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The perfected pump design qualifies the Versia® Flow for demanding applications. During the design of the pump, particular emphasis was put on versatility, user-friendliness, and durability. Maintenance of the pump is easy and requires no tools, and the carefully selected high-quality materials are designed for long service life.

In combination with a Versia®-Controller and a ProfiLux® 4 Aquarium Controller, natural flow conditions can be created quickly and conveniently.

Pump specifications

Flow 6
Max flow: 1,450 gph
Max head height: 11.5 ft
Power specifications: 24V, max. 40W with power supply for USA/Canada

Flow 7
Max flow:
1,900 gph
Max head height: 16.5 ft
Power specifications: 24V, max. 65W with power supply for USA/Canada

Flow 9
Max flow: 2,500 gph
Max head height: 23 ft
Power specifications: 24V, max. 95W with power supply for USA/Canada

Additional information

Weight 3.46 kg
Pump size

Flow 6 (1,450 gph max), Flow 7 (1,900 gph max), Flow 9 (2,500 gph max)

About Versia Flow

The Versia® Flow offers all the features you could wish for in a professional return pump for your marine or freshwater aquarium. The pump is powerful yet quiet, robust, and versatile and is available in three different sizes.

In combination with a Versia®-Controller and a ProfiLux® 4 Aquarium Controller, natural flow conditions can be created easily and conveniently.

Variable speed brushless DC motors (24V) and the innovative design make the Versia Flow a highly efficient return pump: Extremely high flow rate combined with low energy consumption.

Versia® Flow and Versia® Stream pumps are designed for use with a ProfiLux 4 Aquarium Controller: The ProfiLux communicates with Versia pumps via the separately available Versia-Controller, ProfiLux adjusts the pump power, and the pumps report current conditions (temperature or any problems, such as blockage or running dry) to the ProfiLux.

With Versia pumps you can use the full potential of the ProfiLux pump control:

  • Predefined and freely adjustable stream programs
  • Activation of special stream programs during feeding pauses, maintenance, water changes, thunderstorms
  • Different stream programs at specific times of the day
  • Full control over all pumps at any time with the GHL® Connect App or cloud service myGHL®

The ProfiLux pump programs offer the widest and most flexible control options for return and flow pumps in the industry.

Simple operation of one pump at a constant speed is as possible as complex flow programs with up to 16 pumps. Tidal simulation, random programs, and different programs throughout the day or during special activities (e.g., feeding, water changes, maintenance, thunderstorms) can be easily implemented with the sophisticated ProfiLux pump features. With a GHL flow sensor, even the flow of a return pump can be regulated and held constant.

With the intuitive interfaces of the GHL Connect App or the PC software GHL Control Center, all settings can be adjusted quickly and easily.

GCC, GHL Connect App, Cloud Service

GCC, GHL Connect App, Cloud Service myGHL

GHL Devices are easily accessible via the free PC software GCC , GHL Connect app and cloud service myGHL. (> learn more).


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