Versia® Controller


Controller for Versia pumps

ProfiLux 4 controller required to operate this product; sold separately

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The Versia®-Controller manages the communication between a ProfiLux® 4 Aquarium Controller and Versia® Flow and Versia® Stream pumps.

1 or 2 Versia® pumps can be connected to a Versia®-Controller in any combination; the controller itself is connected to the ProfiLux® via ProfiLux® Aquatic Bus (PAB).

The Versia®-Controller automatically detects the connected pumps and informs the ProfiLux® of the models found and their current status (everything OK or possible faults such as blockage, dry running or over-temperature) and sets the pumps to the speeds required by the ProfiLux.

The illuminated graphic display informs at a glance about:

  • Connected models
  • Actual speed
  • Actual status and temperature

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About Versia Stream

In combination with a Versia®-Controller and a ProfiLux® 4 Aquarium Controller, natural flow conditions can be created easily and conveniently.

Variable speed brushless DC motors (12V) and innovative design make the Versia® Stream a highly efficient flow pump: high flow rate combined with low energy consumption.

Versia® Flow and Versia® Stream pumps are designed for use with a ProfiLux 4 Aquarium Controller:

The ProfiLux communicates with Versia pumps via the separately available Versia-Controller.

  • The pumps report current conditions (temperature or any problems, such as blockage or running dry) to the ProfiLux. 
  • ProfiLux adjusts the pump output.

With Versia pumps you can use the full potential of the ProfiLux pump control:

  • Predefined and freely adjustable stream programs
  • Activation of special stream programs during feeding pauses, maintenance, water changes, thunderstorms
  • Different stream programs at specific times of the day
  • Full control over all pumps at any time with the GHL® Connect App or cloud service myGHL®

GCC, GHL Connect App, Cloud Service

GCC, GHL Connect App, Cloud Service myGHL

GHL Devices are easily accessible via the free PC software GCC , GHL Connect app and cloud service myGHL. (> learn more).


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