ProfiLux 3.1T


The Perfect Aquarium Controller. For All Who Love Security in the Aquarium Hobby.

The ProfiLux 3.1T computer can be used for lighting control, for pH measurement- and control, level control and for temperature measurement.

USB and LAN ports are built-in. With additional Expansion Cards and the respective required Sensors, you further can measure conductivity, redox potential, oxygen, relative humidity or air temperature.

Network connection and webserver are integrated.

There are 30 1-10V interfaces. Up to 64 sockets can be controlled.

It has two inputs for level and leakage measurement, which can optionally be extended to a maximum of 16 inputs.

Did you know that you can easily expand your ProfiLux 3 Controller with the Expansionbox 2?

ProfiLux Aquariencomputer 3.1

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