Superior in Every Way.

The ProfiLux® aquarium controller offers everything the ambitious aquarist needs to achieve success.

From form to function, the ProfiLux 4 is well-equipped to manage important tasks such as lighting control, water parameter measurement/control, level control, flow measurement, pump control, and much more. Fitted with the most on-board connections available, the P4 also includes integrated modules for measuring Conductance (adjustable: fresh or saltwater), Temperature, pH, and Redox. Connections for level sensors, flow sensores, leakage sensors, and 1-10V interfaces are also included.

Built-in WiFi and USB connections ensure optimal connectivity to keep you well informed about the status of your aquarium via web interface, app, e-mail, and myGHL cloud service.

The ProfiLux® aquarium controller is globally recognized for its outstanding accuracy and reliability. From private users to research institutions, they all trust in the ProfiLux to provide them with highly accurate data and performance. The exceptional functionality of ProfiLux makes it the preferred controller of professionals and hobbyists alike.

ProfiLux 4 is designed to standout from the crowd. Offering switchable pH/redox and Conductivity inputs, laboratory grade measurement and accuracy, nearly limitless expansion options, rock-solid hardware, and much more. See for yourself, what it is like to own the ultimate in functionality. 

Also available in attractive controller sets.

  1. ProfiLux4WhiteFront
  2. ProfiLux 4

Elegant appearance: Available in high-gloss white or black

Profilux®4 Connections

  • Numerous connection options even in the basic configuration, easily expandable at any time
  • Plug & Play: No additional costly modules necessary to connect the accessories listed in the below illustration, such as sensors (e.g. pH, temperature, flow, leakage, level), 1-10V devices and others
  • Control up to 32 independent channels of dimmable and non-dimmable lamps
  • Freely programmable
  • True calendar moon phase: Simulates the lunar rhythm in harmony with nature and promotes species-typical behavior.
  • Sunrise and sunset simulation
  • Seasonal lighting: ProfiLux Aquarium Controllers (beginning with version 3) are capable of simulating the seasonal cycle of sunshine duration and sun intensity >Learn More
  • Acclimatisation program for gentle adaption
  • Thunderstorm simulation: Simulate lighting-effects in conjunction with dimmable GHL lights. Programmable storm parameters allow you to change the frequency, intensity, and duration of a thunderstorm.
  • Rainy day simulation
  • Cloud simulation: Programmable random generators allow you to define the beginning, intensity, duration, and speed of a cloud so each time new clouds are created.
  • Temperature-dependent light reduction: for short-term temperature peaks on hot summer days.
  • Tropical twilight
  • Gentle lighting transition from summer-time to winter-time laid out across several days.
  • Output via 1-10V interfaces, PWM interfaces or Mitras Lightbar® interface, etc.
  • Water temperature monitoring/controlProgram heaters, ground heaters, and cooling devices for maintaining temperature; Nightly cooling can also be programmed. Intelligent summer-circuit for optional ground heating.
  • pH monitoring/control: Program up and down pH regulation via CO2-addition (pH-decrease) or via Alkalisation (pH-increase); Nightly decrease can also be programmed.
  • ORP/Redox monitoring/control
  • Conductivity (Salinity) monitoring/control
  • Oxygen monitoring/control
  • Humidity monitoring/control
  • Air temperature monitoring/control
  • Measurement of KH or Alkalinity
  • Support of further measurement parameters in preparation
  • Universally switchable inputs: For pH and ORP/Redox
  • Galvanically isolated sensor inputs: For high measurement sensitivity and noise immunity
  • Sensor life monitor: Automatically records total operation hours for all sensors; can be reset as needed.
  • Menu-guided calibration for all sensors and probes.
  • Sick fish therapy program:
    Some fish diseases require a temporary water temperature adjustment. ProfiLux can be programmed to slowly lower the temperature for a set-time. Normal temperature is automatically set after an adjustable time.
  • Universal analog and digital inputs
  • Level functions: For level sensors, leakage-sensors, automatic water change functions, etc.
  • Flow measurement
  • Programmable data logging
  • Independently control up to 16 stream pumps
  • Wide selection of flow modes: High/low tide, Surge, Random, and much more
  • Variable wave duration: Program wave times from 0.4s…60s in 10 ms steps
  • Natural wave simulation through adjustable random generator for wave duration and intensity
  • Various wave mode options: Sine wave, right-angled waveshort right-angled wave
  • Nocturnal flow: Programmable flow decrease within a desired time range
  • Thunderstorm mode
  • Feed pause adjustable: Programmable pump behavior during feed pauses
  • 3rd party pump compatibility (Tunze®, Hydor Koralia®, Abbyzz®, Royal Exclusiv®, EcoTech®, as well as all pumps with a 1-10V interface)
  • Continuous monitoring and control of all water values
  • Acoustic and visual alarm
  • Power failure monitoring: Adjustable actions and notification in case of a power failure
  • Specialized, efficient, and robust operating system – ProfiLuxOS
  • All settings stored in a non-volatile storage (FRAM) – power failures will not cause data loss.
  • Battery buffered real-time clock (RTC)
  • Programmable memory texts
  • Child protection with PIN code
  • ProfiLux Aquatic Bus: Fail-safe CAN bus system for data transfer
  • Alarm triggered SMS-notification
  • Alarm triggered Email-notification
  • Redundant Sensors as backup for fail safe operation
  • Time monitoring during sensitive operations
  • WLAN
  • USB
  • Mitras Lightbar Interface or RS232
  • ProfiLux Aquatic Bus
  • Development and production in our own factory in Germany: The high degree of vertical integration – even the printed circuit boards are assembled in-house – enables the legendary quality and reliability of GHL products.
  • All controllers include high-quality and highly energy efficient grounded power supplies.
  • Our Powerbars have outlets that are built to handle high currents and critical loads by using special relays (16A at 230V or 16A 115V).
  • Each socket is switched independently, the current of each socket is measured individually in PAB-powerbars.
  • Use of UL-certified flame-retardant components.
  • All sensors are laboratory-quality, long-life sensors manufactured in Germany.
  • Components are exclusively sourced from renowned manufacturers.
  • All electronic products are subjected to extensive 100% testing.
  • Several controllers can be networked
  • Dosing pump control: Supports Gen 1 Doser and Doser 2 series
  • Control PropellerBreeze (Adjustable aquarium fan)
  • Timers
  • Automatic Water Change
  • Maintenance program: Automatically shutdown specfic outlets during the cleaning and maintenance, dimming down the lighting etc.
  • Fully customizable reminders
  • Therapy program
  • PIN-Protection
  • Operating hours meter
  • Feeding pause
  • Burning-in mode for fluorescent tubes
  • Power-up delay after power failure
  • Programmable Logic

Easy to use and versatile accessibility

Operate ProfiLux 4 directly on the device or via smartphone, tablet or PC.

ProfiLux 4 Display

The Ultimate in Convenience

ProfiLux 4 can quickly and easily be operated via the on-board control panel. Additionally the graphic display always provides the current operating conditions of your aquarium and can easily be customized to display any content you wish.

Easily generate reminder texts, display the lighting intensity, or start a feed pause just from the push of a button.

Stay Connected

ProfiLux 4 is easily accessible via PC with our free software GHL Control Center. Regardless of your internet status, GHL Control Center can be used with or without the internet.

Via your local Network or when connected to the web, you can have access to the ProfiLux 4 from your smartphone or tablet using the free GHL Connect App, the build-in webserver as well as the cloud service myGHL. Even when you are away from home, you can check-in on the status of your aquarium and make changes if necessary.

GHL Connect App

GHL Connect is a powerful, feature-rich app for ProfiLux 3, ProfiLux 4, ProfiLux Light/Mini Wifi, GHL Doser (Maxi) and Mitras LX7. From the ground up, we built an app that allows users to easily take control of their GHL devices Read More ...


myGHL is a cloud service that provides users with another way to easily operate GHL products. Whether on vacation or on a business trip, myGHL makes it even easier to access GHL-products from anywhere in the world. myGHL is a perfect way to stay informed about Read More ...

GHL Control Center

With GHL Control Center (GCC), you can easily program different GHL devices from your PC: ProfiLux Light ProfiLux Mini ProfiLux Terra ProfiLux 3 (starting with firmware 6.00) ProfiLux 4 Mitras LX GHL Doser 2 GHL Control Center also includes measurement analysis Read More ...

Unmatched Expansion Options

ProfiLux 4 includes a large selection of expansion options to suit the needs of any aquarist. When you need to add more functions, simply add an expansion card to one of the available expansion slots. No need to buy additional modules, just pop the card in and you’re good to go.

Between Expansion Cards and Expansion Boxes, you can expand the ProfiLux to nearly no limit!

ProfiLux Expansion Cards

ProfiLux Expansion Cards allow for further controller expansion and are compatible with ProfiLux II, ProfiLux II Outdoor, ProfiLux 3 (all models), ProfiLux 4 and Expansion Box. Whether measuring pH, ORP, or Conductivity: We offer a wide variety of Expansion Cards to suit your Read More ...

ProfiLux Expansion Box 2

A most clever Expansion. Just more ProfiLux. All interfaces of the ProfiLux already used and you have run out of expansion slots? Looking to expand ProfiLux even further? Expansion Box 2 is the solution! With the Expansion Box 2, the Read More ...

ProfiLux OS – Maximum Safety and Stability

ProfiLux aquarium controllers run with GHL’s very own unique operating system, ProfiLuxOS. This operating system has been specially developed to conduct control tasks for aquariums.

Most operating systems have been designed and optimized for specific applications which, in our opinion, cannot provide the level of safety and performance required to control your valuable aquarium, pond, or terrarium.

ProfiLux OS was built from the ground up for the sole purpose of maintaining maximum safety FOR aquariums. Our custom OS is robust, flexible, and future-proof, offering maximum operational security and optimal efficiency.


Seamless Communication – Through PAB

Our communication interface features an integrated CAN-BUS system, ProfiLux Aquatic Bus PAB which provides seamless communication between PAB-devices. As such, a complete secure network can be built up. Devices connected in this way can communicate with each other in a particularly safe and interference-free manner – even over long distances (100 m or 300 ft).

ProfiLux Accessories – Build Your Own System

We recognize that everyone has different needs for their aquarium. As such, we provide a huge selection of accessories: SMS Module / Dimmable Powerbars / Expansion Cards / Expansion Boxes / Probes & Sensors / external Touch Display / Dimmable LED-Lamps and LED-Light Bars / Dosing Pumps / Pump Controllers and much more…

As your needs grow, ProfiLux can grow with you.

GHL Sensors

All GHL measurement electrodes are made of the highest laboratory grade. They are durable, low maintenance, and matched to the highest German quality standards. Only double junction pH and redox/ORP probes are used, never the cheaper and less reliable single Read More ...


Specially developed for Aquatics. The perfect and safe functioning of the powerbars in an aquarium controller system is essential. They feature on/off switching of electrical loads for components such as heaters, cooling devices, solenoid valves for CO2 control, or stream Read More ...

The Ultra-Bright High-Power LED Lighting Mitras Lightbar is one of the highest quality and most effective LED lights on the market. The Mitras Lightbar is Made in Germany and offers: Homogeneous, brilliant and very bright light through a balanced mix of Read More ...

Aquarium Fans

Cool your aquarium economically and efficiently. GHL fans can be speed-controlled depending on the water temperature with our PropellerControl. GHL PropellerBreeze 3 Durable fan units built from the highest quality materials. Offered in 2 to 6 fan models and in Read More ...

Versia Pumps and Controller Versia® Stream - Compact High Performance Stream Pump Create realistic flow conditions in any aquarium with the compact yet powerful Versia® Stream. With its wide swivel range and minimal dimensions, the very quiet Versia® Stream is Read More ...

ProfiLux 4 Feature List:

Dimensions W x D x H: 220 x 150 x 55 mm / 8.66" x 5.91" x 2.17"
Delivery includes Power supply, water temperature sensor, USB cable
Measuring and Controlling
Water temperature
ORP / Redox potential
OxygenOptional (with expansion card)
Relative humidityOptional (with expansion card)
Air temperatureOptional (with expansion card)
KH / AlkalinityOptional (with KH Director)
Functions and Features
Lighting control channels 32
1-10 V interfaces 6 (Optional 30)
Controllable, separately switchable sockets 64
Expansion slots 3 (2x External access, 1x Internal access)
Dosing Pump control
Stream Pump control
Digital Mitras Lightbar interface / RS232
AUX port
Power failure monitor port
Alarm √, visually and acoustically
Inputs level and flow sensors, leakage detectors4 (optional 16)
Digital outputs / switch channels8 (optional 64)
Graphical display
PAB port
GHL Control Pad port
DCF Receiver port
Expansion Box extension possible
Integrated webserver and email client
Cloud service myGHL
Operating system ProfiLuxOS

ProfiLux® is Future-Proof.

Since 1998, the ProfiLux Controller has been the powerful heart and brain of a well-engineered modular system developed and produced in Germany. Though the years, it has proven itself to be a most reliable means of aquarium control. For that reason, it has earned a spot as the most globally recognized aquarium controller earning various awards for its degree of reliability and accuracy. To this day, this modular system continues to grow.

The new ProfiLux 4 is a continuation of the success story of Aquarium Controllers 1-3. As with all our developments, we place a special emphasis on maintaining compatibility with existing products.

Rest assured, ProfiLux 4 is ready for the future.