Versia®-Controller – the Bridge between Versia® Pumps and ProfiLux®

The Versia®-Controller manages the communication between a ProfiLux® 4 aquarium controller and Versia® Flow and Versia® Stream pumps.

1 or 2 Versia® pumps can be connected to a Versia®-Controller in any combination, the controller is connected to the ProfiLux® via ProfiLux® Aquatic Bus (PAB).

The Versia®-Controller automatically detects the connected pumps and informs the ProfiLux® of the models found and their current status (everything OK or possible faults such as blockage, dry running or over-temperature) and sets the pumps to the speeds required by the ProfiLux.

The illuminated graphic display informs at a glance about:

  • connected models
  • actual speed
  • actual status and temperature

Everything is possible

The ProfiLux® pump programs offer the widest and most flexible control options for return and flow pumps in the industry.

Simple operation of one pump at a constant speed is as possible as complex flow programs with up to 16 pumps. Tidal simulation, random programs, different programs throughout the day or during special activities (e.g. feeding, water changes, maintenance, thunderstorms) can be easily implemented with the sophisticated ProfiLux pump features. With a GHL® flow sensor, even the flow of a return pump can be regulated and held constant.

With the GHL® Connect App or the PC software GHL® Control Center, all settings can be adjusted quickly and easy understandable.

Emergency program

Versia®-Controller permanently monitors if the ProfiLux® that controls it is communicating with it and thus still active.

If communication is interrupted – e.g. damage to cables or ProfiLux® – the Versia® controller starts an autonomous emergency pump program. This ensures that the pumps continue to run even if the controlling ProfiLux® is lost. The emergency pump program can be set by the user (including constant speed or waves, min. and max. speed).

Technical data

Communication with ProfiLux®2 x PAB
Pump connections2 x bidirectional ports
Voltage12 - 24 V

Also available in black


For Versia® Flow


… and Versia® Stream


Versia Controller Connections

Read more about the convenient operation of ProfiLux® aquarium controllers via app, web server, cloud or PC software here.

*) In conjunction with a ProfiLux® 4 aquarium controller and a Versia®-Controller. A Versia®-Controller and a ProfiLux® aquarium controller are mandatory for the operation of a Versia® pump. Versia®-Controller and ProfiLux® aquarium controller are not included in the scope of delivery of Versia® pumps and are available separately.