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The GHL TOTM series focuses on an individual’s tank. We follow along as they share with us how they use GHL products to manage daily aquarium care. With the GHL TOTM series, you’ll find real-life feedback on products such as ProfiLux controllers, Mitras LED lighting, GHL Dosers, and more. These stories will be regularly scheduled releases, featuring aquariums from around the world.

For the hobbyist, by the hobbyist

Our series not only covers the GHL products they use, but also the story behind the hobbyist and secrets to their success. With each release, the hobbyist will share their story including a bit about their background and how they became involved in the hobby. Each individual feature is authored by the hobbyist for the hobbyist as a means of sharing their story and helping others.

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Tank Of The Month - TOTM June 2020
Published 6/19/2020 in GHL (International)
Hello, my name is Daniel Majer. I’m 36 years old and live in Reinheim, Germany. I started in the hobby when I was between 8 and 10 years old. From then on, I read more ❯
Tank Of The Month - TOTM May 2020
Published 5/22/2020 in GHL (International)
Hello, my name is Rocco Bellafante. I’m 40 years old and live in Pescara, Italy. My passion for this hobby began when I was 15 years old. I started a smaller freshwater aquarium thatread more ❯
Tank Of The Month - TOTM April 2020
Published 4/18/2020 in GHL (International)
Hello, my name is Dennis DeSilva and I’m from Houston, Texas. Like many hobbyists, I had various simple freshwater setups as a kid. As an adult and newly married, I more ❯
Tank Of The Month - TOTM March 2020
Published 3/17/2020 in GHL (International)
TOTM_03_20, Pedro Gomez' Island Reef
Hello, my name is Pedro Gomes and I’m from Portugal. Thirteen years ago, I was researching some ideas for my home koi pond in an online forum and navigated to the saltwater aquarium section. I found myself very intrigued andread more ❯
Tank Of The Month - TOTM February 2020
Published 2/12/2020 in GHL (International)
TOTM_02_20, Aquarium from Anthony Pham
My name is Anthony, and I have lived in California since 1979, but I am originally from Vietnam. My passion for reef life began read more ❯