Welcome to the new era of aquatic lighting with Mitras Lightbar 3, the latest masterpiece in high-end aquarium illumination by GHL. Designed to enhance the true beauty of your aquarium, Mitras Lightbar 3 shines with a brilliance that is unmatched in the industry. For fresh water and marine water aquariums.

The new Standard of Aquarium Lighting

Our latest innovation builds upon the success of its predecessor, Lightbar 2, setting a new standard in brightness and efficiency.

Unlock the enchanting transformation awaiting your aquarium with Mitras Lightbar 3. Experience the radiant vitality, vibrant colors, and captivating allure as your aquatic world comes to life in ways you’ve never imagined.

Witness your corals come to life like never before, showcasing their full beauty in an array of dazzling colors.

Energy efficiency is at the heart of the Mitras Lightbar 3, with state-of-the-art LEDs, custom reflectors, and the latest LED driver technology. The advanced heatsink design keeps operating temperatures low, enhancing your lightbar’s lifespan and efficiency.

With unparalleled precision and a deep understanding of your underwater world’s needs, we offer five variations of Lightbar 3. Each model results from years of research and development, featuring specific LEDs and spectrums to maximize your aquarium inhabitants’ natural beauty and well-being.

7 separately adjustable LED color channels allow the light spectrum created to be perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of your aquarium and to your aesthetic preferences. Mitras Lightbar 3 offers it all: whether natural or rather cooler lighting with a blue accent, promotion of plant growth or fluorescence and growth of corals, numerous simulations, such as dawn, moonlight, thunderstorms and so much more. The spectrums shown below are to be understood as basic spectrums, i.e. when all channels are at 100%. Of course, the spectrums can be changed as desired.

Mitras Lightbar 3 is available in the following 5 light colors (LED combinations):


All Mitras Lightbar models can be combined with each other as desired, the resulting spectrum is the result of the mixture of the spectra of the individual models. With our GHL Connect app or GHL Control Center software, it is also a breeze to adjust the lighting settings for mixed configurations. The “Lightcomposer” wizard takes care of selecting all the lighting channels used, and the desired spectrum can be easily set using sliders. The resulting spectrum is displayed in real time and can also be output directly to the luminaires for testing.

Recommendations for combining Mitras Lightbar 3

Aquarium typeCoral PopDeep OceanOcean BlueSkywhite
Marine water, lots of fluorescence, much bluexx
Marine water, lots of fluorescence, naturalxx
Marine water, some fluorescence, much bluex
Marine water, some fluorescence, naturalxx
Fresh water, slightly bluishxx
Fresh water, naturalx
Mitras Lightbar 3 - Luminosity in Detail
  1. MitrasLightbar3_side_top_black_edit
  2. MitrasLightbar3_side_top_silverwhite_edit

The sleek housing is available in black or silver/white

Outstanding Light Performance

  • Selected high-power LEDs from leading brands of the newest generation (min. 160 lumens/watt white LEDs) with optimal color mixing and uniform illumination.
  • Lifespan > 60,000 hours according to the LED manufacturer
  • CRI min. 95 (mode Skywhite)
  • The LEDs are intentionally not operated with the maximum possible current, since this significantly reduces the LED life and energy efficiency. It is much more efficient to use a larger number of LEDs at reduced power.

Uniform Light Distribution

  • Each individual LED segment is controlled by its own electronics. This ensures uniform brightness over the entire length of the light bar.
  • Ideal mixture of the individual LED colors. The light does not create any annoying color spots in the aquarium.
  • The screen made of highly transparent acrylic guarantees optimal light output and uniformity.
    This special acrylic glass has a very high transmission for a broad light spectrum.

Total Reflection and Diffusion Technology TRDT™

The Mitras Lightbar 3 showcases GHL’s innovative Total Reflection and Diffusion Technology (TRDT™).

Each LED is equipped with its own microreflector, nestled within a larger field reflector.

This precision-engineered design, combined with a highly efficient reflector material boasting a reflection and diffusion rate of nearly 100%, delivers unparalleled light performance.

Expect a flawless, uniform blend of colors without the distracting “disco-effect” common in other brands.

Advanced heatsink design

The service life and efficiency (luminous efficacy per watt) are largely determined by the cooling. Additional micro-grooves are integrated into the cooling fins of the solid Mitras Lightbar heat sink, which increase the cooling surface. The result is perfect cooling of the LEDs and electronics.

The threaded channel at the top of the heat sink offers additional mounting options, such as the use of suspension sets.

Large selection of Mitras Lightbar 3 lengths

No compromises: With lengths between 40cm (15.75″) and 200cm (78.75″) in 10cm (4″) increments, illumination over the entire length of any aquarium is easily achievable.

Wide array of mounting options

  • Stainless steel brackets of two different sizes
  • Hanging Kit (stainless steel rope holder) that is conveniently attachable directly to the groove in the middle of the heatsink
  • Height adjustable brackets
  • Rail mounts
  • Mitras LB Mount System
Total Reflection and Diffusion Technology TRDT™

The Mitras Lightbar 3 showcases GHL’s innovative Total Reflection and Diffusion Technology (TRDT™). Each LED is equipped with its own microreflector, nestled within a larger field reflector.

This precision-engineered design, combined with a highly efficient reflector material boasting a reflection and diffusion rate of nearly 100%, delivers unparalleled light performance.

Expect a flawless, uniform blend of colors without the distracting “disco-effect” common in other brands.


TRDT™ sets a new standard, achieving an optimal balance between light spread and immersion depth, clearly outshining traditional secondary optics, particularly lenses.

The lifetime and efficiency (light output per watt) are significantly determined by the cooling. Mitras Lightbar 3 therefore have a massive heat sink that ensures maximum cooling of the LEDs.

The highly efficient heatsink utilizes every inch of the light for heat dissipation. Micro grooves on the surface further amplify cooling performance.

The result? The Mitras Lightbar 3 maintains low temperatures even at full power, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and lasting reliability.

The advanced heatsink design keeps operating temperatures low, enhancing both the lifespan and efficiency of your Lightbar 3.

The screw channel at the top of the heat sink provides additional mounting options, such as the use of suspension sets.

Light is Not Just Light  – read more about Lumen, Lux, PAR, and Photosynthesis and why Mitras LED Illumination is your best choice Basics of Mitras® LED Illumination

Illuminate Every Corner

The Mitras Lightbar 3 is available in lengths ranging from 40cm to 200cm in 10 cm increments (15.75″ to 78.75″ in 4″ increments).

These versatile sizing options ensure that every corner of your aquarium receives perfect illumination. Whether you have a small tank or a large display, the Mitras Lightbar 3 has you covered.

Mounting Options Mitras Lightbar 3

Achieve seamless integration with the manifold Mitras Lightbar 3 options such as brackets in different sizes, height-adjustable brackets, rail mounts, or hanging kits.

Mounting Options in Detail
Angled Brackets

Effortlessly mount the Mitras Lightbar 3 on any aquarium using the supplied angled stainless steel brackets.

MitrasLightbar 2+3, dimensions angled holding bracket
MitrasLightbar 2+3, dimensions angled holding bracket
Angled brackets
Flat Brackets

Ensure perfect placement, even in confined spaces such as beneath aquarium canopies, with our optional flat brackets.

MitrasLightbar 2+3, dimensions flat holding bracket
Mitras Lightbar 2+3, dimensions flat holding bracket
Mitras Lightbar, mounted
Mitras Lightbar 2+3, mounted with flat holding brackets
Elevated mounting with Mitras-SLB-Holder

With the Mitras SLB holder, the light bar can be mounted up to 25 cm (4″) above the top edge of the aquarium glass, the height is adjustable. The base and the clamping screws of the holder are made of acrylic glass, the sturdy brackets are made of 4mm thick stainless steel.

Hanging Kit

For those who prefer an open aquarium without a cover, we offer the ideal solution: our hanging kit. Simply screw the mounting brackets into the middle groove of the Lightbar heat sink.

Stufenlose Justierung der Leuchten über dem Becken
Blackwater aquarium biotop
How Many Mitras Lightbar do I need for my Aquarium?

Select Mitras Lightbar depending on the aquarium volume.

Rule of thumb:

  • Low light requirement: 0.3 watts per liter
  • Very high light requirements: 0.9 watts per liter

Often, a recommendationlumens per liter” is given. In our opinion this makes only sense for Mitras Lightbar Skywhite. For luminaires with high blue light component (Ocean Blue, Deep Ocean), the lumen specifications are rather misleading (see explanation above Lumen, LUX and PAR).

Avaliable Mitras Lightbar lengths
Recom. for tank length [cm(inch)]39-50 (15.4-19.7)49-60 (19.3-23.6)59-70 (23.2-27.6)69-80 (27.2-31.5)79-90 (31.1-35.4)89-100 (35.0-39.4)99-110 (39.0-43.3)109-120 (42.9-47.2)119-130 (46.9-51.2)129-140 (50.8-55.1)139-150 (54.7-59.1)149-160 (58.7-63.0)159-170 (62.6-66.9)169-180 (66.5-70.9)179-190 (70.5-74.8)189-200 (74.4-78.7)199-210 (78.3-82.7)
Light length w/o cable [cm(inch)]33.3 (13.1)43.3 (17.0)53.3 (21.0)63.3 (24.9)73.3 (28.9)83.3 (32.8)93.3 (36.7)103.3 (40.7)113.3 (44.6)123.3 (48.5)133.3 (52.5)143.3 (56.4)153.3 (60.4)163.3 (64.3)173.3 (68.2)183.3 (72.2)193.3 (76.1)
Max. power draw undimmed [W] *25.233.642.050.458.867.275.684.092.4100.8109.2117.6126.0134.4142.8151.2159.6

Cross-section of light: 86mm x 25mm (3.2″ x 1.0″)

*) This is the net power draw of the light module. If you compare it with the power of LED lights from other vendors you should keep in mind that they often only mention the higher power draw of the complete system, including the loss of the power supply.
Also the efficiency (ratio between electrical power and light power) is very important when comparing. The Mitras Lightbar light module has an efficiency of about 92%, where most LED lights of other vendors have only an efficiency of about 75%.

The efficient power management of the Mitras Lightbar

When it comes to powering your aquarium lights, our Mitras Lightbar 3 offers a unique advantage. Unlike traditional setups that require separate power supplies for each light, our innovative design allows you to connect multiple lightbars to just one power supply unit. This means fewer cluttered cables and more space in your aquarium cabinet, all while saving you money on additional power supplies.

Each power supply unit can operate up to four lightbars using our Mitras Lightbar Splitter, and several splitters can be chained together to operate dozens of Mitras Lightbars simultaneously. This setup offers unmatched cost-efficiency, flexibility and scalability for illuminating your aquarium.

But what truly sets the Mitras Lightbar apart is its direct compatibility with ProfiLux 4 / 4e / Mini (WiFi) (full aquarium controller), ProfiLux Light (WiFi) (mainly light controller) or the low-cost Mitras Intellihub controller (light only controller, coming soon). This unique capability allows for precise control and customization of your lighting experience and synchronization with other tasks and events around your aquarium, such as temperature dependent light reduction or maintenance routines. This is truly unmatched by other lighting solutions.

Experience the convenient, feature-rich and cost-saving system architecture of the Mitras Lightbar, and unlock a new level of control and customization for your aquarium lighting setup.

To save space and costs, several luminaires can be operated via a splitter on one power supply unit. Please note that the luminaires are therefore supplied without a power supply unit. Please order the appropriate power supply unit for your luminaires separately. See the Configurations section below.

The following power supplies are currently available:

Max. output powerMax. drawn powerCountry versionsInput voltage
60 W69 WEuro, CH, UK, USA, AUS100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
80 W92 WSchuko, CH, UK, USA, AUS100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
100 W115 WSchuko, CH, UK, USA, AUS100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
200 W230 WSchuko, CH, UK, USA, AUS100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
300 W345 WSchuko, CH, UK, USA, AUS100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
320 W368 WSchuko, CH, UK, USA, AUS100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Operation Modes of the Lightbar 3

The Mitras Lightbar can be operated in both undimmed and dimmed modes.
When operated undimmed, all LEDs will be operated at 100%, requiring no additional control. Activation can be done through a simple timer.

Alternatively, the Mitras Lightbar can be dimmed and controlled using a ProfiLux Controller (4, 4e, Mini (WiFi), Light (WiFi)) or Mitras IntelliHub. This allows for independent dimming of all color channels, enabling the use of various simulation programs such as sunrise and sunset, cloud simulation, thunderstorms, or calendrical moon phase simulation.

Alternatively, with a ProfiLux Controller (4, 4e, Mini (WiFi), Light (WiFi)) or Mitras IntelliHub), unlock advanced customization options by dimming the Mitras Lightbar’s color channels independently.

Harness the power of ProfiLux’s simulation programs, including breathtaking effects like sunrise and sunset transitions, realistic cloud simulations, dynamic thunderstorms, and precise calendrical moon phase simulations.

Plus, with integrated RGB LEDs, there’s no need for additional lights to enjoy these stunning effects.

Elevate your aquarium experience like never before with the Mitras Lightbar and ProfiLux synergy.

Achieving full control with the Mitras Lightbar and ProfiLux Controller is not only affordable but also offers unparalleled value. As highlighted earlier, our innovative design allows for multiple lightbars to be powered by a single unit, significantly reducing costs associated with additional power supplies.

When it comes to control options, we offer flexibility to suit every budget and preference. You can start with the most cost-effective ProfiLux Light model, which focuses solely on light control, and upgrade to any of  the ProfiLux Controllers (starting at model 3) for added features as needed. This modular approach not only keeps initial costs down but also ensures you have the freedom to customize your setup according to your evolving needs.

By investing in a ProfiLux Controller, you’re not just getting control over your lighting—you’re unlocking a world of possibilities for your aquarium. Plus, with fewer power supplies required, you’ll find yourself saving more in the long run. It’s a win-win situation that puts you in the driver’s seat of your aquarium’s control.

Mitras Lightbar - Customer Aquariums

Beautiful photos* partly from our customers from our GHL Support Forum.

*) Some photos show the technical similar predecessors Mitras Lightbar 1 and 2