Industrial Line

The Industrial Line (IL) from GHL is a universal and modular measurement and control system. The combination of standard components enables cost-effective, easy and fast solutions for many demanding applications.

Application examples

  • Marine ecosystems
  • Research with fish, corals, algae and other organisms
  • Climate research
  • Breeding of fish, corals, algae and other organisms
  • Operation of commercial and private aquariums

Environment and
Ocean Research


Research with




Fish farming

The IL system was designed for highest demands and flexibility. Precision and reliability combined with suitability for harsh environmental conditions and easy maintainability meet the requirements of professional users from research and industry as well as demanding private users.

The modular concept allows tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications.

An IL unit consists of the IL housing, which is suitable for outdoor use (IP54), and IL slide-in units integrated into it. IL slide-in units and IL accessories can be combined according to customer requirements.

Several IL units can be interconnected via a data bus for more complex systems.

Example ProfiLux IL

Central control unit, shown with the following options:

  • Touchscreen GHL Control Pad IL
  • Illuminated GHL logo

Features at a glance

  • Temperature
  • pH value
  • Conductivity / Salinity
  • Redox potential
  • Dis. Oxygen
  • Carbonate hardness
  • Various ions: Ca, Mg, K, Na, NO3
  • Flow rate
  • Humidity
  • Level
  • Alarm limits adjustable
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Flow pumps
  • Return pumps
  • 32 independently dimmable channels
  • various simulation programs (e.g. moon phases, seasonal course, thunderstorms, clouds)
  • spectral control of our LED lights
  • Storage of any measured values\
  • Display and analysis
  • Export function
  • Logbook for recording events
  • WiFi, USB, LAN optional
  • Operation via free app GHL Connect, cloud service myGHL, web interface or PC software GHL Control Center
  • Push notifications for alarms and other events
  • Control of up to 64 independent switchable sockets
  • Freely usable timers
  • Programmable logic to create your own functions
  • Reminder functions
  • Integrated battery-backed real-time clock, NTP can be activated
  • Storage of settings and data in non-volatile memory (FRAM)
  • All devices can be updated in the field to add new functions

App & Software


Industrial Line Enclosure

The robust housing protects the IL slide-in units even under harsh conditions.

  • Hinged lid with transparent window and rubber seal
  • Housing opening at the bottom for cables and tubes
  • Slideable cover with sealing lips
  • Threaded profiles on the sides (10mm section) for mounting the IL slide-in units
  • IP54

Industrial Line slide-in units

Up to 3 IL slide-in units can be accommodated in one IL housing. IL slide-in units can also be used without an IL housing, e.g. in a cabinet, rack or other housing, provided that the mounting holes in the front panel of the IL slide-in units can be used for this purpose.


ProfiLux IL
Controlling + measuring


Doser Maxi IL
2 große  Peristaltikpumpen


KH/ION Director IL
Measures KH, Ca, Mg, K, Na, NO3


Doser IL
4 small peristaltic pumps

Industrial Line Units

An IL unit consists of an IL housing that can contain up to 3 IL slide-in units. Below are some example combinations.


ProfiLux IL
GHL Control Pad IL


2 x Doser Maxi IL
4 Peristaltic pumps


KH/ION Director IL
GHL Control Pad IL


2 x Doser IL
8 Peristaltic pumps

Accessories and options

The Industrial Line system can be perfectly adapted to a wide range of customer requirements.


GHL Control Pad IL


GHL Logo Frontpanel IL
Multicolor LED