Mitras Slimline


The Bright LED Lighting for a Perfect Coloring

Mitras Slimline is one of the highest quality and most effective LED lights on the market. The Mitras Slimline is Made in Germany and offers:

  • Homogeneous, brilliant and very bright light through a balanced mix of selected high-power LEDs in natural colors (CRI > 95, white LEDs > 150 lm/W)
  • Uniformly wide light distribution with a LED beam angle of 120°
  • Energy efficiency and long LED life thanks to sophisticated heat management (generously dimensioned heat sink and highly efficient heat conducting foil) – LED life at least 60,000 operating hours
  • If controlled by the ProfiLux Aquarium Controller: Professional light dimming (2 channels separately dimmable)individual mix of the color spectrum and water temperature-dependent downward control (light is dimmed if water gets too warm).
  • Full undimmed Lightpower when operated without ProfiLux (all LEDs light up to 100%)
  • Energy saving compared with traditional lighting aprox. 50%
  • Operation with safe voltage (24V)


Natural light scenarios

Achieve realistic lighting in combination with a ProfiLux aquarium controller and the Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable:

  • Sunrise and sunset
  • moon phases
  • dawn
  • clouds
  • thunderstorms
  • rainy days
  • tropical twilight
  • Seasonal change
  • acclimatisation

Optimal for Every Aquarium

The Mitras Slimline is suitable for any freshwater aquarium – if open or closed – and is available in 13 different lengths in 10 cm increments. Due to the high variety of offered lamp lengths you will find the tailor-made lighting exactly for your aquarium.

Get the desired light output in your aquarium: With Mitras Lightbar there is no compromise by only a few offered lengths, forget badly illuminated corners in the aquarium.

Adjust in conjunction with the ProfiLux aquarium controller the light spectrum and the light output in wide areas exactly as you like and give your plants and fish the light they need to thrive.

More than enough light power:
Mitras Slimline Skywhite 40 at 100% over a Dennerle® Nano Scaper’s Tank 55l


From nano tank to large tank: Mitras Slimline is always a great choice.
Here in the photo 2 Mitras Slimline Skywhite 150 are illuminating an Eheim® Incpiria (500l).

Diverse Dimming Functions with ProfiLux

Light scenarious

Experience realistic lighting scenarios such as sunrise, sunset, moonlight, cloud, seasonal lighting and thunderstorm simulations.

Ultra Bright

Mitras Slimline

Extremely high luminous output at maximal energy efficiency. Selected mid-power LEDs (CREE®, OSRAM®) with at least 150 lumens/watt (white LEDs). The special arrangement of the LEDs over the entire Lightbar length provides a particularly homogenous illumination of the tank.

Convenient operation

with GHL Connect or PC-Software (ProfiLux required)

Unique Color Mix


Ideal light spectra for salt fresh water tanks. The unique light mixing ensures high photosynthetic efficiency for lush growth of plants.

Large Range of Models Flexible Usage


13 different lengths in 10 cm-increments are available – also for Nano-Tanks – You’ll be able to find the ideal lightbar length for your tank. Illumination over the total tank length provides a maximum light quantity for the tank and avoids only little illuminated corners.
Several Mitras Slimline can be connected via a splitter to one power supply unit – this way you have less power supply units and less cables in your cabinet.

Variable Light Spectrum

GCC-Lightcomposer Mitras LX Customizable Color Mix with Clorophyll A & B Graphs

Adjust easily the desired light spectrum within a wide range with the Light Composer using the PC Software, GHL Control Center (GCC). Light color and intensity can be varied over the day.

Either you just take over one of the existing lighting projects for your luminaire, or submit your own project.

Brilliant and Natural Light

fish skin

The high CRI of Mitras Slimline (> 95) ensures a brilliant and natural color reproduction.



According to IP 67

Energy Label

Energylabel Mitras Slimline

Mounting in the tank

With the supplied stainless steel brackets, Mitras Slimline can be conveniently mounted above every tank.

If there is not enough space in the tank, a flat bracket is also available.


Currently only the model Skywhite is offered, but further models are in preparation.

Mitras Slimline Skywhite

Recommended for freshwater with lots of plants and fishes

Average color temperature: ca. 6500 K

2 color channels (dimmable with ProfiLux aquarium controller, continuous adjustable range ca. 4900 K – 8500 K)

LED setup:

Combination of 5 different LED light colors resp. color temperatures

Avaliable Mitras Slimline lengths

Recom. for tank length [cm]39-5049-6059-7069-8079-9089-10099-110109-120119-130129-140139-150149-160159-170
Light length without cable [cm]34.744.754.764.774.784.794.7104.7114.7124.7134.7144.7154.7
Max. power draw undimmed [W] *14.419.224.028.833.638.443.248.052.857.662.467.272.0

Cross-section of light: 62mm x 23mm

*) This is the net power draw of the light module. If you compare it with the power of LED lights from other vendors you should keep in mind that they often only mention the higher power draw of the complete system, including the loss of the power supply.
Also the efficiency (ratio between electrical power and light power) is very important when comparing. The Mitras Slimline light module has an efficiency of about 87%, where most LED lights of other vendors have only an efficiency of about 75%.

Power supplies

To save space and costs, several luminaires can be operated via a splitter on one power supply unit. Please note that the luminaires are therefore supplied without a power supply unit. Please order the appropriate power supply unit for your luminaires separately. See the Configurations section below.

The following power supplies are currently available:

Max. Output powerMax. drawn powerPlugInput voltage
20 W23 WEuro100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
80 W92 WCold device cable (Schuko, CH, UK)100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz

Operation Modes

Mitras Slimline can be operated undimmed and dimmed.

If operated undimmed all LEDs will run at 100%. There is no controller needed. Activation and deactivation can be made through a simple timer.

Another option, however, is to dimm and operate the Mitras Slimline with a ProfiLux Controller (starting version 3, a Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable required). Both color channels can thus be dimmed independently. So all of the ProfiLux Controllers simulation programs such as sunrise and sunset, cloud simulation, thunderstorms or calendrical moon phase simulation are possible.


  • Undimmed, one power supply per Mitras Slimline
    No further accessories required
  • Undimmed, several Mitras Slimline on one power supply unit
    Using the Mitras Slimline Splitter, up to 3 Mitras Slimlines can be connected to a single power supply. The selected power supply must have at least the total power of all connected Mitras Slimlines.
  • Dimmed, one or more Mitras Slimlines connected to one power supply unit
    With the Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable) up to 2 Mitras Slimline can be connected to one power supply unit. The selected power supply unit must have at least the total power of all connected Mitras Slimlines.
    The dimmable splitter has a control input which is connected to the Mitras Lightbar output (or to the RS232 interface on ProfiLux 3) of a ProfiLux. Several Mitras Slimline Splitters Dimmable can be connected to each other if more than 2 Mitras Slimlines are to be controlled.

Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable


The Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable has two outputs for Mitras Slimline and one output for Mitras RGB (coming soon).

Both LED-strings of each Mitras Slimline as well as all 3 channels (red, green, blue) of Mitras RGB can be dimmed independently, in total 7 channels are separately dimmable over one Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable.

There are 2 communication ports: The input port is is used to connect to the ProfiLux Mitras port, the output port can be used to daisy-chain several Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable. Since up to 8 devices can be daisy-chained a maximum of 16 Mitras Slimline and 8 Mitras RGB can be controlled from one ProfiLux.

A DIP-switch gives you the option to use channels 1 to 7 (default) or channels 9 to 15 of the ProfiLux to dim the connected lights. When 2 or more Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable are used and when they have different channel settings up to 14 LED-channels can be controlled independently.

Please note:

  • The total power of all connected lights must not exceed the maximum power of the used power supply, select the power supply accordingly. If needed use multiple Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable to distribute the load between several power supplies.
  • Minimum firmware requirements: ProfiLux 4 / 4e version 7.18, ProfiLux 3 version 6.41, ProfiLux Light / Mini version 1.09
  • Minimum software requirement: GHL Control Center

All updates incl. GHL Connect App, Cloud myGHL and webinterface will be provided in time, before shipments of the Mitras Slimline Splitter Dimmable begin.