Fully Automatic Measurement and Control of Ca, Mg, K, Na, NO3

The ION Director® (IOND for short) uses state-of-the-art ion-selective technology to automatically and accurately measure essential water parameters – calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and nitrate – with maximum comfort and affordable operating costs.

The precise and durable multi-ion sensor, specially developed by GHL for seawater analysis, requires no reagents. Instead, it uses cost-effective reference liquids for automatic calibration. Inaccurate, time-consuming, and costly measuring methods, such as test kits, are a thing of the past.

In addition to measurement, the ION Director® System offers many other functions:

Combine the ION Director® with the KH Director® and measure and control the KH value in addition to Ca, Mg, K, Na and NO3.

ION Director® - Features

A compact and precise multi-ion sensor in laboratory-grade quality, specially developed by GHL for seawater analysis, which combines the functions of several sensors.

There is no need for reagent liquids for measuring.

Extreme accuracy due to special electronics, sensors and measuring algorithms developed and perfected by GHL.

Economical measurements due to low consumption and inexpensive reference liquids.

The amount (up to 24) and start times of automatic measurements per day can be adjusted, additional measurements can be started manually at any time.

To achieve the maximum possible accuracy, a fully automatic calibration of the sensor is carried out before each measurement.

If the measured values differ too much from the previous results, ION Director automatically starts another measurement. After its completion, the most plausible values are used. This unique feature, called Doublecheck, avoids inaccurate measurements that may have been caused by air or particles in the sample water or other disturbances during the process.
The threshold values for triggering a doublecheck can be set individually or switched off.

Utilizing the measurement value history, you can interpret past measurement results and react to fluctuations.

In order to achieve stable water parameters, ION Director® can automatically readjust dosing quantities of supplied liquids depending on the measurement result.

The LED-illuminated GHL logo conveniently provides color-coded status indicators. The various colors show you the condition of your system at a glance.

  • White = Configuration mode
  • Blue = Normal operation
  • Green = Measurement or dosing in progress
  • Yellow = Warning threshold – fluid container(s) are running low
  • Red = Alarm threshold – fluid container(s) are empty

GHL devices offer the most connectivity options, you can choose between app, cloud, web interface or PC software via WiFi/LAN or USB.

Through the use of the PAB (ProfiLux Aquatic Bus) connection, IOND seamlessly integrates into the modular GHL system. The PAB connection ensures interference free communication with other GHL PAB-devices such as the GHL Doser 2.2 or the ProfiLux® 4.

The multi-ion sensor is easily accessible thanks to the well-thought-out design of the ION Director® and can be easily cleaned or replaced if necessary.

Find out about measurement results at any time and from anywhere – via app, cloud, web server or Windows software. Display additionally values and states on the ProfiLux 3/4 display or ProfiLux Touch, if present.

The design of the ION Director® meets laboratory requirements. Like all our instruments, it is made of high quality materials to ensure a long service life.


ION Director® is available in two color options: Black or white

Dimensions (mm): 220 x 150 x 75 mm (w/out sensor)

Dimensions (in): 8.66″ x 5.9″ x 2.95″ (w/out sensor)

ION Director® includes the following:

  • Device with integrated measuring cell
  • Multi-Ion sensor, especially designed for the IOND, incl. calibration liquids
  • Flex-PVC tube 8m (315″)
  • Power-supply splitter-cable
ION Director, White

Available in two housing color options: Black or White

ION Director, Black

ION Director pairs perfectly with the KH Director

KH Director
Ion Director_White_Front

The ION Director® can be used alone or in combination with the KH Director®.

With the IOND and KHD, you can fully automate the regulation of the aquarium’s key water parameters. While the KHD measures and controls alkalinity, the IOND covers other important parameters necessary to maintain a healthy reef.

Maintaining a healthy reef –
Easily done with the powerpack Ion Director® + KH Director®.

How does the ION Director® work?

The IOND was designed as an accessory device and requires either a GHL Doser 2.x (2.1 or 2.2) Standalone or a ProfiLux aquarium controller (3 or 4) with GHL Doser 2.x (2.1 or 2.2) EXT to operate, see configurations below.

3 pump heads are required to perform the measurement.

To achieve the highest possible measurement accuracy, each test is performed with a freshly calibrated sensor. Two pump heads are used to convey the reference fluids required for the calibration, a sample of the aquarium water is pumped into the ION Director® by the third pump.

Reference fluids and some sample water are collected in a separate container for later disposal.

How can the measured parameters be controlled?

Thanks to the innovative technology of the ION Director®, each parameter can be accurately measured and automatically regulated. If a parameter is too low or too high, the IOND can automatically calculate the amount by which dosages need to be changed to maintain stable values. It is therefore also suitable for different systems such as Balling® (Light) or Triton® .

Choose the optimal control mode for your aquarium and adjust it individually.

After a measurement, the deviation of the real value from the desired value (setpoint) is known. The following control modes operate on the basis of this deviation.

Add-On Control Mode

The set dosing quantities of certain dosing pumps are readjusted depending on the deviation determined, the user sets the quantity (in ml) by which the dosing quantity should change in the event of a certain deviation.

Adaptive control mode

Works similar to the Add-On control mode, but here the user determines the percentage change of the set dosing quantity for a certain deviation.

Configuration options

The ION Director® can be operated in two ways:


The ION Director® is connected to the GHL Doser 2.x (2.1 or 2.2) Standalone via the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB).

Doser 2 and ION Director

In this configuration, the GHL Doser has control over the measuring process: It controls the dosing pumps and evaluates the measuring results.



The ION Director® is connected to the ProfiLux (3 or 4) and a GHL Doser 2.x (2.1 or 2.2) EXT via the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB).

P4, Doser 2, IOND

In this configuration the ProfiLux has control over the measuring process: It controls the dosing pumps in the Doser and evaluates the measuring results.

Choose the combination that suits your needs best

Whether you prefer the GHL Doser 2.2 or the P4 – EXT Doser combination: Thanks to the ingenious design, all devices will fit perfectly with each other no matter if stacked or positioned side-by-side.

We also offer attractive sets for the ION Director® and GHL Doser combinations.

Please note that only one IOND can be controlled by one master device (ProfiLux or GHL Doser Standalone), each IOND requires one dedicated controlling device. In one system (consisting of one master device and EXT devices) can only one IOND be present.

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ION Director® Sets

Operation of the IOND requires always a GHL Doser with 4 pumps, depending on the configuration either as an Extension (EXT) or as a Standalone version.

GHL offers these sets:

  • IOND + GHL Doser 2.2 Standalone
  • IOND + GHL Doser 2.2 EXT

Both sets have a significant price advantage compared to buying separately, they are offered in white and black and in these country versions: Schuko, UK, CH, USA/CND, AUS. The sets include a PAB cable (50 cm / 19.6″).

ION Director® Connections:

ION Director_Connections

ION Director Multi-Ion Sensor

Patented multi-ion sensor specifically designed for the ION Director. Easy replacement at end of life.

Please note the explanations for warranty and guarantee of sensors.