All GHL sensors are made of the highest laboratory grade. They are durable, low maintenance, and matched to the highest German quality standards.
Only double junction pH and redox/ORP probes are used, never the cheaper and less reliable single junction probes.

Most models feature extra-long connection cables (3 m), which are specially made for use in the aquarium hobby.

Calibration can be carried out by our menu-guided system in the ProfiLux Controller.

We also offer various sensor holders, calibration fluids, cable extensions and maintenance kits. An overview can be found below in the section, “sensor accessories”.

All sensors are galvanically isolated and can therefore easily be used in parallel in any combination.

Please note the below explanations for warranty and guarantee of sensors.

GHL Sensoren

pH, Redox, Conductivity and Oxygen Sensors, Multi-Ion Sensor for ION Director

Level Sensors

Possible uses of level sensors provided by the ProfiLux Controller:

  • Auto Top Off with one or two Sensors
  • Automatic Water Change
  • Leakage detection

Optical sensors and float switches are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Water Temperature, Air Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Flow Sensors

Keep track of your pump and filter performance.

With our flow sensors, you can control the flow rate of your pump and filter.

If flow deviations are detected, ProfiLux can set off an alarm and notify you.

  • Measures the flow rate of a circulation pump or external filter.
  • Connects to the level input of ProfiLux.
  • Low maintenance and robust; measurement is made without dirt-sensitive moving parts.
  • Incl. PS / 2 M12 cable (2 m) for the connection to ProfiLux.
  • Available in 3 ranges.

Please note that the delivery does not include connecting adapters for tubing or tubes.

Leckage-Sensor und Leckage-Interface

Play it safe with the flow early warning system of GHL:

The 80 spring-loaded contacts can detect leaking water.

If a leakage occurs, the ProfiLux computer can warn you via an acoustic signal, SMS, and/or email. If desired, it can also turn on/off specific devices in-advance.

A leak interface is required to connect leakage sensors. Any number of sensors can be connected to the interface.

    • Incl. (1.5 m) connection cable to Leakage-Interface
    • 2 mounting holes
    • A second connector allows you to daisy-chain several leakage sensors to increase safety with additional measuring points

Leak sensors only detect conductive water and are not suitable for use with osmosis water.

Warning: Sensor must not be submerged! Only the 80 contacts on the bottom side should be moisturized.





Sensor Accessories

Warranty and Limited Guarantee for Sensors

Sensors are items that wear out during normal use. The life span of a sensor is dependent on the environment and operation conditions. Due to many possible different circumstances, it is not possible to make an exact prediction about the lifespan. For electrochemical sensors, a life span of 6 to 24 months is common. Electrical and mechanical sensors can operate up to several years with normal care.

Therefore the legal warranty is not valid for these kinds of parts. Instead, GHL offers the following limited warranty for sensors:

  • Electrical sensors and mechanical sensors (level-sensor, temperature-sensor, conductivity-sensor, humidity-sensor) will be replaced in the first 12 months after purchase.) *
  • Electrochemical sensors:
    pH-sensor, redox-sensor, oxygen-sensor will be replaced in the first 6 months after purchase.) *
    IOND Multi-Ion sensors will be replaced in the first 3 months (standard version) or 6 months (premium version) after purchase.) *

*Valid from date of the original invoice, copy of original invoice required. Appropriate and intended use, correct maintenance, and care are required. We offer no replacements for broken glass, damaged cables or connectors, or other mechanical damages. See also relating manuals.