GHL Cooling Technology


Protect your aquarium from overheating.

Rapid temperature changes and wide temperature fluctuations are one of the leading causes of stress in the aquarium. Both freshwater and saltwater aquariums require specific environmental conditions that allow inhabitants to flourish and grow.

When it comes to temperature control, GHL Cooling Technology provides key products to find and maintain true temperature stability.

Water running a bit on the warm side?
Cool it down with our Propeller Breeze aquarium fans.

Want to avoid temperature spikes?
Stabilize temperature and control spikes with our Peltier Cooling unit, ProfiLux Temperature Control 2.

When used together with our ProfiLux Controllers (starting with ProfiLux 2), you can achieve total control over your temperature with continual monitoring. If one day, your aquarium temperature exceeds the acceptable range, ProfiLux can immediately send you an alert notification.