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My current marine reef is in maturation from about 3 months during I’m insert some corals. In the next future I’m buying some fishes adaptable to the measure of the reef (e.g. Ocellaris, Chromis viridis) and above all that their will be from breeding (I don’t want to create significant impact to the ambience and nature, so NO fishes and corals “ripped” from the Ocean). My current reef is a Blau nano reef (misures 45x45x45) with sump, external reservoir tank, skimmer, etc and current illumination is made by one AI Prime HD (50w). I’m in prevision for the next months to build another reef of about 90x50x50 with more various choice of corals and fishes; in this case the current Blau reef will be used only with anemones and a couple of ocellaris and I will think about what is the better lights illumination choice. The technical characteristics of Mitras Slimline are very good so it will sounds good if I’d be one of the luckiest winners 🙂