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I have a DSB tank of 210x75x75 cm and it’s 5 months old. This aquarium in the future will be full SPS corals, with few selected LPS and SOFT corals. As skimmer I have a huge Royal Exclusiv Bubble king 300 and a Grotech calcium reactor. In this moment there are 5 Easyled bars (145 cm) but they are not enough to cover 75 cm of width. I had lost some SPS, and others lost a big part of zooxantelles, because I moved some of them from a T5 tank with some nitrates, to this LED tank with 0 nitrates and 0 phosphates. Now the situation is changing a little thanks to 6 Tang fish and a lower % of white led. I would like to win the lighting bars to complete the spectrum for a great grown and health of corals and the tank in general. It’s a very young aquarium but I think with a great potential. Thank you