Congratulations on your new GHL device!

For the quickest setup experience, we’ve prepared this easy-to-follow guide to get you on your way to enjoying your new device.

Step 1: Download the GHL Connect app

Go to your preferred app store to get the GHL Connect app. This is what you will use to setup your device as quickly as possible.

Get it on Google Play

Get it on App Store

Step 2: Setup Your Device

Once the app is downloaded, you can begin the initial setup of the device:

Get the most out of your GHL device!

For the most in-depth knowledge on your new device, we highly recommend reading the manual for your device and using the Knowledge Base for detailed how-to guides and videos.

Click here for product manuals
Click here to visit the Knowledge Base

Step 3: Join the Community

Join the growing community of like-minded aquarists and connect with each other to share your setups, get product help, advice and more!

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