Software-Update March 2020

After five months of development work we proudly present a major software update!
The new firmware version 7.24 of ProfiLux 4 offers you in conjunction with the latest version of GHL Control Center ( as well as GHL Connect many new possibilities and detail improvements.

The most important updates are described below. Please note the important update notes at the end.

More Dosing Pumps

ProfiLux 4 now supports up to 32 dosing pumps. At the same time the number of connectable PAB-devices was increased to 30 and the number of manual dosages per pump to 24.

Note: GHL Doser 2 Slave must be updated to Firmware 1.36 to use these new possibilities.


Convenient network setup wizard

Setting up the network connection with GHL Connect is even easier with the new wizard.

More control options for dosing pumps

Each dosing pump can now be individually automatically controlled, KH value, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium or nitrate can be selected as controlling parameters (IOND or KHD required). The corresponding control settings in the KHD are therefore no longer required.


Support Vortech controller

With GHL Connect the GHL Vortech® controller (control unit for Ecotech Marine® flow pumps) can be configured with ease.

Preparation for ION Director

The internal software architecture in ProfiLux 4 as well as the GUI in GHL Connect and GHL Control Center have already been prepared for the ION Director®, whose deliveries will start shortly.

Update notes

  • GHL Control Center Version is now available in the GHL download center. It also contains the new firmware files for ProfiLux 4 (V7.24) and GHL Doser 2 Slave (V1.36).
  • GHL Connect is already released for Android, for iOS the approval from Apple is still to be awaited.
  • As of 7.24 the control settings for dosing pumps have changed, this concerns KHD users who automatically control dosing pumps based on the KH value. Here you will find a step-by-step guide to easily transfer the settings.

Please note that currently all new software and firmware versions have been released as beta versions, depending on user feedback the status will be changed to release shortly.