Tank Of The Month – TOTM January 2020

152 Gallon SPS Tank from Ole Ovesen, run by the GHL System

  • Tank owner: Ole Ovesen
  • Location: Near Aalborg, Denmark
  • Display volume: 576 liters / 152 gallons
TOTM 01_20_Aquarium_Front

My name is Ole Ovesen, and I live with my wife Cristina in the northern part of Denmark near Aalborg.

My interest in aquariums started at an early age. As a young boy, I had my own 33 liters freshwater tank with guppies and plants.

I started my first saltwater aquarium when I was 19 or 20 years old. After 4 or 5 years with saltwater, I stopped with the hobby because, with small children in the house, my whole attention concentrated on other areas.

Since I have never lost interest in the hobby, I started again with a saltwater tank two years ago.

Tank in livingroom_TOTM_01_2020

I began with a 450-liter tank

and soon realized that technical progress and the increase in knowledge had considerably expanded the possibilities for keeping corals successfully.

Shortly after that, I luckily happened to get in contact with a neighbor who had the most amazing reef aquarium I had ever seen in my life – with fantastic corals and lots of nice fish. So it was easy for me to get good advice on reef keeping. A handful of frags from his corals ended in my tank as a bonus. His setup based on a ProfiLux Aquarium Controller, dosing, and light, and he advised me to get GHL equipment too. So I bought a GHL Doser 2.1 and later a GHL ProfiLux Mega set for my setup.

Late summer of 2018, my neighbor’s tank crashed due to a combination of a technical failure (not from GHL equipment) and a hot summer. I got the opportunity to buy the tank with Mitras lights and Ecotech circulation pumps and moved my corals and fish to the new tank.

GHL Setup_TOTOM 01_20

GHL equipment is a critcial factor

in my ability to run a reef aquarium even though I’m on the go 40% of the time.

I work offshore in a 2-3 rotation, so without the support and interest of my wife Cristina, I would have to wait until retirement to start my hobby again.

That’s why I need stability and reliability in my equipment, and GHL products offer this ideally.

The GHL Connect App gives me information 24/7

about essential parameters in the tank, even though I’m working a long way from home.

Mitras Lights and Triton Dosing

Shortly after converting to the new tank, I started replacing the usual Balling Dosing with Triton Core7. The combination of Mitras lights and Triton dosing significantly improved coral growth compared to my previous setup.

Mitras LX6_ TOTM_ 01_20
ProfiLux Dosers and KHD_TOTM_01_20

The ProfiLux 4 Controller

is the brain of the tank. The P4 takes care of all dosing, light in the sump, and temperature. A Vortech controller makes adjustments of the circulation pumps very easy.

ATO is controlled by a Tunze level controller. Tank with RODI water is never filled with more water than the sump can absorb in case of failure.

The KH director keeps an eye on Alk dosing,

and Cristina is testing CA and MG every five days. After testing, she taps the result into the logbook in the app – which is very useful. Any needed adjustment is made via the app.

The only thing I have to do is cleaning and calibration of the probes, so they work 100% correct.

I really look forward to the release of the ION Director. It’s the last piece missing to make my setup fully automatic.

Of course, I have had my challenges and setbacks when moving corals and fish to a new tank. Disease in my fish population and excessive algae growth hit my tank at the same time, but patience and good advice from other reef keepers slowly turned the situation to the better.

Algae growth is now in control and my corals are thriving as never before.

Equipment List:

  • Custom build tank 576 liter/ 152 gallon
  • ProfiLux 4 Mega-Set
  • GHL Mitras LX 6200 4 pcs
  • GHL Dosing pump SA
  • GHL KH Director
  • GHL Vortech Controller
  • Ecotech Vortech MP40WQD 2 pcs
  • Sump: Custom build 128 liter/ 33 gallon
  • Ecotech Vectra VM1 return pump
  • Nyos Quantum 220 Skimmer
  • Tunze ATO
  • Filter cassettes filled with Ciporax for biological filtration
  • Triton Core7 dosage
  • Reactor: Aquaforest with carbon and zeovit

Livestock: Fish, Invertebrates, Corals


  • Blue-green Chromis – Chromis viridis (5)
  • Lyretail Anthias – Pseudanthias Squamipinis (5)
  • Ocellaris clownfish – Amphiprion ocellaris (3)
  • Firefish – Nemateleotris magnifica (2)
  • Bangai Cardinal- Pterapogon kauderni (2)
  • Foxface – Siganus unimaculatus (1)
  • Copperband Butterflyfish – Chelmon Rostratus (1)
  • Flagtail Surgeonfish – Paracanthurus hepatus (1)
  • Sailfin Tang – Zebrasoma veliferum (1)
  • Blue Girdled Angel – Pomachantus navarchus (1)
  • Blueface Angel – Pomachantus xanthometopon (1)
  • Emperor Angel – Pomachantus imperator (1)
  • Watchman Gobi – Cryptocentrus cinctus (1)
  • Flame Angel – Centropyge Ioriculus (1)
  • Six-line Wrasse – Pseudocheilinus hexataenia (1)


  • Hermit Crabs – Clibanarius tricolor/diguteiu (5)
  • Pistol Shrimp – Alpheidae (2)
  • Pompom Crab – Lybia tesselata (2)
  • Peppermint Shrimp – Lysmata wurdemanni (2)
  • Pacific Cleaner Shrimp – Lysmata amboinensis (2)
  • Fire Shrimp – Lysmata debelius (1)
  • Crocea Clam – Tridacna crocea (1)
  • Bubble Tip Anemone – Entacmaea quadricolor (1)


  • Montipora various species, both encrusting and branching
  • Acropora various species
  • Goniopora various colours
  • Seriatopora Hystrix
  • Seriatopora Caliendrum
  • Rhodactis
  • Ricordia
  • Mushrooms
  • Euphyllia ancora
  • Catalaphyllia jardinei
  • Favia
  • Fungia
  • Stylophora pistillata
  • Sarcophyton