IOND Statement E

Dear Customer,

first of all, please accept our apologies for this unsatisfying and disappointing situation!

Hereby we want to give you some insight on what is happening with IOND and IOND sensor delays.

Unfortunately, we still have a problem with the availability of ION Director sensors, our current supplier is still unable to meet the demand for sensors in the quality we require, despite various optimization measures.

The shortage of sensors confronts us with 2 problems:

1. It is currently not possible to fulfill all open sensor orders (new orders as well as free replacements under warranty).
2. The delivery of pre-ordered IOND must still be postponed.

Since last year, we have worked hard to find a sustainable and effective solution for the IOND sensor problem. We are very confident that we will be able to present a solution before the end of this year, where delivery time, quality and sensor pricing will be dramatically improved.

What does this mean for customers who are waiting on their IOND or sensor order?

The first batch of new IOND sensors will most likely be available around January/February 2023. From that point on, we can resume shipping single sensors and IOND pre-orders.
Of course, first and foremost, our customers who have unfortunately had cause for complaint in the past are supplied with replacement sensors. These customers also receive a bottle of reference A+B 500ml as an additional thank you for their patience. We have already reserved a sensor for you.

Delivery of IOND pre-orders will continue for several months into 2023 due to the still very large number of open orders.

We sincerely apologize again for the situation we are experiencing and would like to thank our patient and loyal customers for their continued support and understanding.

As a token of our appreciation, we are giving a 20% discount coupon to all customers who are still waiting for their IOND or their (replacement) sensor due to the shortage. This one-time use coupon may be used at any GHL Store (Germany or USA). You may order what you want and how much you want!
The coupon is valid until March 31, 2023.

Your personal coupon code is:

a)    for GHL Store Germany (
b)    for GHL Store USA (

We sincerely hope to keep you as a loyal GHL customer!