Here we go: Who wants to contribute to translating GHL Connect?

The GHL-Connect translation project starts!

As already announced recently, GHL Connect – the universal platform (app, cloud and web interface) for the operation of GHL devices – shall support further languages besides German and English in the future.

We start with French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese (simplified). We are happy to collect your suggestions for other languages. After the first phase of the project we are going to consider which languages will follow.

By using the cloud-based solution Crowdin, members of the GHL community can work together with the GHL development team on translations and enter them directly into myGHL and view them live immediately.

How can I become a translator?

In our knowledge base we have compiled all necessary information.

We are looking forward to an interesting and exciting project and the valuable support by our unique community and thank everyone who wants to participate!

Your GHL development team