Getting started with your GHL Device

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Unpack your device

Carefully open up your product box and unpack all the contents that are contained in the box. Make sure that all parts are included.

You can find the list of included parts on the insert and as well as in the manual of respective device.

If you ordered several devices they should be unpacked one by one to make sure, nothing gets mingled.

Focus your attention especially on the power supplies. Some devices work with 12V (ProfiLux Controllers) some require 24V (Dosers) power supplies.

The power supplies must not be interchanged.

Label the power supply of the respective device so that accidental swapping can be excluded at any time.
If you happen to accidently plug a 24V power supply to a ProfiLux the controller will be destroyed.

Download the manual

GHL products are well-equipped with simple and intuitive features. In order to get the most out of your product, we recommend you read  the Instruction manual of the respective device. It can be downloaded here:

Doing so will provide you with the most profound details for using your product.

Find the perfect place

Electronic devices and water are a dangerous mixture. Please make sure to position the device away and protected from splashing water and excess humitity.

The device may not be operated if it has been damaged in any way (e.g. damaged power cord or plug, liquids or objects have gotten into the interior, device has been exposed to excessive moisture, the normal operation is disturbed, or the device has been dropped.)

Keep also in mind that many sensors are very susceptible to interference due to their low-level signals.

To provide the most accurate measurements, please have enough distance between the sensors/cables and sources of interference. These can include: Electronic ballasts, power lines, pumps, consumer electronics, etc. False readings can be avoided by following these precautions.

Intended use

GHL devices are intended exclusively for use in the domestic area. They may only be operated with GHL accessories.

  • Never leave your aquarium or terrarium unsupervised for an extended amount of time.
  • The maximum amount of time without personal view depends on how long your aquarium, terrarium, or pond can survive without significant damage, even when errors occur.
  • Always remember that technology can fail and therefore malfunctions can never be ruled out!
  • Power failures, incorrect settings, damage (For example, by water or overvoltage) or simply an unexpected operating situation can lead to fatal damage.

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