How to: ProfiLux 4 / 4e Emergency Update

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About Emergency Update process

This article will show you how to recover your ProfiLux 4 / 4e in case the device becomes unresponsive due an interruption during a firmware update.

What you will need…

In order to do this kind of update, you will need the following:

Windows computer w/ newest version of GCC installedAllows you to access and use the tool for the update
USB cableFor transmitting the firmware via USB
3 / 32 Allen WrenchFor opening the ProfiLux 4 / 4e controller
Clean anti-static surfaceTo protect the controller from any static and/or scratches
Download the newest GCC for access to the newest firmware

In order to access the newest firmware version for your device, you will need to download the newest version of GHL Control Center (GCC). You can find the latest version in our downloads page.

Open the ProfiLux 4 / 4e

  1. Disconnect all cables that are connected to your ProfiLux, including power cable
  2. Take the device and place it upside down onto a static-free surface
  3. Remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the device using the 3/32 Allen wrench

4. Carefully place the device in the upright position and lift the top cover up

Watch out! Thin cables inside!

Please note there are thin cables connecting the top cover’s LED logo light to the controller’s main board. DO NOT pull the cover off too quickly.

5. Connect the USB cable to an available port on your PC and to the USB port on the ProfiLux
6. Power ON the device

Activate the USBVCOM driver for the Emergency Update

  1. On the ProfiLux, press and hold the BLUE reset button for approximately 5 seconds, then release. This will put the device in programming mode.
  2. On your Windows desktop, click the Windows search bar and type-in Device Manager, then open it
Another way to open Windows Device Manager

Right-click on the Windows logo (lower-left corner of screen) and select Device Manager

3. With Device Manager opened, you will see an arrow pointing towards Ports (COM & LPT). Click on the arrow and proceed to the next step.

4. You will see the USBVCOM driver displayed in your Device Manager window. Take note of the COM port number which is shown on your screen.

Take note of the USBVCOM port number

You will need to know the COM port number for the next step.

Don’t see USBVCOM listed?

If you do not see the USBVCOM driver listed on your computer, the driver must be manually installed. Steps for manually installing this driver can be found here.

Perform the Emergency Update

  1. Open the flasher tool to do the Emergency Update
How to find the flasher tool

This tool can be found in the GHL Control Center program directory. Go to “This PC” on your computer, then C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\GHLControlCenter_V1xxx\Tools\Cypress USB DIRECT Programmer\FlashUSB

2. Change the settings on the flasher tool to the following:

Target MCU: MB9BF568M/N/R
Hex File: Click OPEN and navigate to the ProfiLux firmware file you want to use
COM (1 – 256): Type-in the COM number that was listed beside “USBVCOM” in your Device Manager

How to find the ProfiLux firmware file

The firmware file for the ProfiLux can be found in the program directory of GHL Control Center. When you click OPEN, select “This PC”, then C:\ProgramFiles\GHLControlCenter_V1xxx\Firmware\ProfiLux 4

3. Click Full Operation to start the update

4. When the message below pops up, press and hold the BLUE reset button for at least 5 seconds, then release and click “OK” to proceed

Having trouble starting the update?

If you get an error after clicking Full Operation, that means either the wrong COM port number was selected or the ProfiLux did not go into download mode. In this case, check your settings and click on “Full Operation” again, then press the reset button on the ProfiLux 4 for at least 5 seconds, then click “OK”.

5. If the download was successful, click “OK” and exit the flasher tool (close the program)

6. Briefly press the BLUE reset button on the ProfiLux and the device will restart with the new firmware

Reassemble the ProfiLux

  1. Disconnect the ProfiLux from the power supply and USB
  2. Carefully put the top-cover back onto the ProfiLux making sure that no cables get caught between the cover enclosure points
  3. Reconnect all cables and power ON the device
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