New replacement LED clusters for Mitras LX6

We had been asked many times if the LED clusters of Mitras LX6 series can be updated to clusters similar to the ones used in the Mitras LX720x series:

Yes, we developed a LED cluster for the LX6 which uses the same LEDs as the LX7


LED Cluster Mitras LX7

LEDs per cluster: 2 x royal blue, 2 x blue, 2 x cool white 6500K, 1 x cool white 8000K, 1 x true green, 1 x sky white, 1 x hyperred, 1 x ultraviolet (Cree, Osram, SemiLEDs)

1 x hyperviolet is placed on the extra HV-cluster (either already present or needs to be purchased additionally, see upgrade path)

You can already order them, the article number is PL-1441 (2 pcs. main LED boards for Mitras LX 6300), 50.34€ / $59.90 (net)

Upgrade path
  • LX6000 or LX6100: replace main clusters + add new HV cluster
  • LX6100HV or LX6200HV: replace main clusters + keep your already existing HV cluster

Preconditions – must be done before swapping the clusters

  • You have to update the firmware in your Mitras LX6 to V1.20
  • The model must be changed to LX6300 (can be done with GHL Control Center)
Where to buy

These LED clusters are only available directly from GHL (either webshop GHL USA or GHL Germany), not through dealers.
GHL offers you an upgrade service, we will do the work for you: Swapping the clusters, firmware update, model change, end test for $30 / 30€ (net) + shipping per Mitras.
Of course you can also do everything on your own.

Please keep in mind before purchasing resp. upgrading
  • Upgrading the LED clusters does only update the LEDs, not more (or less), it does not turn the LX6 into a LX7.
  • The LED currents for the new LED cluster are slightly different to the LED currents in the LX7, so the light output/spectrum is not exactly the same, it differs a few percent.
  • Special features of the LX7, like power balancing, WiFi, etc. will not be achieved, of course.