The new ProfiLux 4

We are proud to announce the newest generation of our aquarium controllers: ProfiLux 4!

Now accepting pre-orders – SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICING valid until December 05, 2016!

ProfiLux 4 will begin shipping 12/19/2016. Orders will be shipped in the order in which they are received.

ProfiLux 4, black

ProfiLux aquarium controllers are well known for their unmatched level of functionality, high degree of reliability, and operational safety.

ProfiLux 4 features an attractive and compact design and is well-equipped to manage all of your aquarium’s important functions:

  • Measurement and control of pH, Temperature, Conductance, Redox, Level, etc.
  • Unique lighting control options (Seasonal lighting, Rainy Days, Cloud-cover, etc.)
  • Pump Control (1-10V compatible devices, Vortech®, Gyre®, Tunze®, etc.)
  • Perfect connectivity via WLAN, USB and other interfaces
  • Complete control at any time with myGHL cloud service and software (Free of charge)

The most obvious difference is the new elegant aluminum and plastic housing, ProfiLux 4 is available in 2 colors: Glossy white or Black.

Read all details about ProfiLux 4 here.

Prices (Net price for Germany in € / Net price for USA in USD) – other regions may vary

Shipment includesSpecial pre-order pricing until 12/05/2016Standard price after 12/05/2016
ProfiLux 4ProfiLux 4 with power supply, temperature sensor, USB cable378.90€ / $449.90419.90€ / $499.90
ProfiLux 4 Mega-SetProfiLux 4 with power supply, Powerbar 5.1, sensors for pH, conductivity, redox and temperature, calibration liquids, PAB & USB cable630.90€ / $749.90714.90€ / $849.90
ProfiLux 4 Ultimate-SetProfiLux 4 with power supply, Powerbar 5.1, ProfiLux Touch, sensors for pH, conductivity, redox and temperature, calibration liquids, PAB & USB cable840.90€ / $999.90924.90€ / $1099.90

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the main difference between the P3 and P4?
A: P4 includes a new design, built-in WiFi, switchable pH/redox ports, additional ports and functions.

Q: Will the ProfiLux 3 model be discontinued?
A: No, the P3 will still be produced, sold and supported.

Q: What about the compatibility?
A: We achieved the highest level of compatibility possible without sacrifying performance and new technologies for the new platform. Almost all accessories which have been used with previous ProfiLux models can still be used. All PAB-devices, powerbars, expansion cards, 1-10V-devices, dosers, etc. Only products which have solely the “classic” RS232 (DSUB) as interface, such as EHEIM-controller or SMS-unit without PAB, can’t be used with the P4.

Q: How can I pre-order?
A: Order at our webshops, at participating dealers or directly via Email as long as not all new products are listed in the shops yet.