NEW ProfiLux 4 Pump Control with Update 7.32


The New ProfiLux 4 Pump Control

With the upcoming update 7.32 the pump control of the ProfiLux 4 aquarium controller has become even more powerful:

  • Up to 13 different programs per pump group or pump. These can be activated depending on times or events (e.g. feed pause, maintenance or water change).
  • Ready-to-use preset programs
  • All programs customizable
  • Own programs can be saved as templates
  • For stream and return pumps
  • Can be combined with GHL flow sensors
  • Conveniently and easily adjustable via GHL Connect App or GHL Control Center

With the 7.32 update, ProfiLux 4 offers significantly more and far more flexible options than other comparable pump controllers in the industry. Get the most out of your pumps with the new ProfiLux 4 pump control!

The GHL Connect App as well as the PC program GHL Control Center have also been enhanced accordingly – all updates will be available in max. 2 weeks.

Coming soon: GHL Pumps

We will inform about details, prices and availability shortly.

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