ProfiLux in Google Headquarters Switzerland

Google-Lounge powered by ProfiLux and Mitras Lightbars

The Google Headquarters Switzerland in Zurich provide their employees a gorgeous relaxation room with 5 large aquariums. We are very proud that Google has chosen our products for the illumination and controlling. Obviously Google didn’t want any compromises in regards to quality and security standards.

For the tank illumination the high-power LED-luminaires Mitras Lightbar are used. Our ProfiLux Aquarium Controllers are utilized (among other tasks) for

  • Light control including effect illumination and simulations
  • pH- and temperature controlling
  • Leakage detection
  • Automatic water changes and Auto-Top-Off
  • Remote monitoring, notifications via SMS and email

These are several Malawi, Tanganyika and Amazonas tanks, most of them with lots of plants.

Here some examples for different light sceanarious:




Sunrise / red sky