The new high-power LED aquarium luminaire Mitras LX 7X04

Mitras LX 7204 and 7004

LED luminaires with extreme power density – versions for seawater and freshwater aquariums

Mitras LX series with 4 clusters

GHL is proud to announce new models of the Mitras LX series of high-end LED aquarium lights developed and produced in Germany:

  • LX 7204 for seawater
  • LX 7004 for freshwater

The most important features

  • Very high efficiency and power density, real power of max. 130W (luminaire only, without power supply unit) with compact dimensions of only 21 x 20 x 4 cm
  • Full spectrum: 9 separately dimmable LED channels from UV to hyper-red
  • Passive and active cooling, quiet due to speed-controlled fans
  • WiFi and USB
  • Homogeneously mixed and well distributed light thanks to high-performance reflectors
  • Diverse and lifelike simulation effects: Thunderstorms, acclimatisation, moon phases, seasonal lighting and much more
  • Splash protection made of special plastic: Very high light transmission for the entire spectrum
  • Full power usable with GHL Power Balancing Technology: Distribute the available power to your preferred LED channels
  • Master-slave operation
  • Future-proof: Regular firmware updates, exchangeable LED clusters
  • 48 high-power LEDs
  • Can be coupled with ProfiLux 3/4/4e aquarium computer
  • Available in high gloss black or white
  • Seawater or freshwater version
Mitras LX 7 GHL Connect

Most control options

App, web interface, cloud service myGHL or PC software – according to personal preference

Wide light spread and ideal light spectrum